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To read the other steps in the step by step guide for creating a Metr/ WInRT application go here

I would like to welcome you to a code-along series, as I create a WinRT application step by step. The code will be downloadable and I invite you to provide comments and suggestions as we make this application together. This guide is aimed at developers at all levels, so I will keep it simple – but still realistic as the aim is to publish this application. We will first create the application using XAML and C#, and when we are done we will re-create the application using Html and JS.

Building an app can be confusing like this metro map (at first glance) but I will break down this step by step, or rather- stop by stop! 😉

We will be working on the application three times a week, spending less than an hour on each ‘session’  or two pomodoro peaks. The blog posts will be published Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, but I’ll answer comments everyday 🙂

Some of the things we will be covering during the app development:

  • How to plan the application
  • Working with data, input and output
  • Saving data locally
  • Displaying data
  • Refactoring code
  • How to implement the Metro guidelines
  • User Experience, significance and problem solving
  • Design, creating a ‘pretty’ app with little effort
  • Using performance tools
  • Using the WACK tool
  • Submitting the application

On Wednesday I’ll reveal what kind of application we will be making, and we will start planning the application! I’m quite excited about it 😀 Please spred the word, I want as many devs with me as possible 🙂

  15 Responses to “Creating a WinRT application step by step: From idea to publishing”

  1. Looking forward to the series Iris!

  2. Metro? What is this Metro you speak of? Are you referring to Modern Style Windows 8 UI++? 😉

    • Anders: Ah shoooot! I thought I had removed all ‘Metro’ references but I see I left one out ha ha ha 😀 I went for the WinRT APP – they must stop confusing me! And Modern Style Windows 8 UI++ is bad naming convention if you ask me. They might as well use Hungarian notation he he 😉

  3. Iris: I actually think it’s just “Modern UI” now:

    Also – great idea for a series. Especially building something over time and inviting people to come with suggestions and help. Think that will be great for you, for anyone who helps and for anyone who reads. Good luck!

  4. Iris,
    I cannot wait to read these posts. I have been debating on weather or not to start learning the new Windows UI (whatever they are calling it now) stuff or not, I guess I will be now. Also, I will be stealing your “Stupid Question a day” to further my education. That is just a brilliant idea and I am going to use it to help keep my skills up to date. No worries though, you get all the credit for the idea. 🙂

  5. […] Creating a WinRT application step by step: From idea to publishing and ‘Stupid’ Question 20: How should I do casting in C#? Should I use the prefix cast or the as-cast? (Iris Classon) […]

  6. Looking forward to this.

  7. […] or preferences? But how do we leverage the setting charm in our Windows 8 apps? …”Creating a WinRT application step by step: From idea to publishing (Iris Classon)“I would like to welcome you to a code-along series, as I create a WinRT […]

  8. Looking forward to Join you in the development , i am also new to Metro apps , just started getting some insight in WinRT , i think will have fun learning and working here with you .. 🙂

  9. Iris I am in…and very excited. (Will you be using version control for this project so we can get the source easily?) I have been wanting to do some wpf / mvvm and this will get it started for me.

    I listened to your interview with Scott Hanselman and I cannot tell how much it connected with my own story. I have been doing it a lot longer than a year (although I think you have already surpassed me in skill ; / ) but I have 5 kids so I’ll cut myself some slack.

    In any case I think I am going to write my own blog post about my reaction to the interview and I will let you know when I get it posted.

    Kindest Regards,

    Seth Spearman

  10. Count me in! 🙂

    What format will this take? And when does it start?

  11. I’m really looking forward to this series and hope like another poster that we will be able to see the full sourcecode.

    Keep up the great blogging and dont let the trolls get to you 🙂

  12. When is the second part of this series coming out? Looking forward to it!

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