Oct 102012
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WinRT app guide: Step 11: Using a valueconverter to work with element visibility

To read the other steps in the step by step guide for creating a Metr0/ WInRT application go here We are getting closer now! We need to add function to add and edit category names. To do this I’ve added a neat field within the edit field that is bound to the selected listview item, […]

Oct 102012
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Simple TypeScript Example: Windows Store App using TypeScript with classes, inheritance and interfaces in 6 steps

Ah, the sweet revenge when an evil Javascript dev laughed at my question about how I can fake classes in jS Introducing yet another lets create classes in js! Muahahahaha 😀 Oki, so coffeescript is nice, but I don’t like the syntax. Dart is pretty cool but I can’t take it serious. TypeScript? I like […]