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nForum iris Classon


I’m happy to share that I’ll be speaking at nForum 20th of November (in 3 weeks) here in Gothenburg! I’ve attended most of these mini-conferences, always had a lot of fun and I am very happy I get to share some of the things others have shared with me on stage 🙂 As always there are some very interesting sessions, and great people! If I was you I wouldn’t want to miss this.

In case you are missing out on the Öredev conference and you are able to attend nForum, I’m doing the same session, but I never do the exactly same session so don’t worry, the abstract and title is the same, but there will be plenty of new material 🙂 If you are curious about the session have a look here: Preparing for the Öredev session and here Looks like I’ll be speaking at Öredev 2012 in Malmö Sweden !

Hope to see you there!

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