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[To celebrate my first year of programming I will ask a ‘stupid’ questions daily on my blog for a year, to make sure I learn at least 365 new things during my second year as a developer]

Python in Visual Studio, really?

Python in Visual Studio, really?

Visual Studio and MS keeps surprising me, and today was not different. Creating a new WinJS project in Visual Studio 2013 I noticed something I haven’t seen before. Python. I can make a Python project? Really? How cool. I downloaded the tools.

Python in Visual Studio, really?
I decided to read more about this, and of course Scott had blogged about this in July (since I was traveling in US I didn’t read any blogs during the time). So instead of repeating the same information I’ll give you the link to his post here, I swear I´ll beat him to it on a new tech one day 😉

After adding the tools

After adding the tools

To not repeat what was in that post I’ll simply share the good news (old news, because this was possible in VS2010 and onwards I was told) and some resources:

Podcast with Dino Viehland on the Python tools

Blog post on using Python, Django and Azure

The tools (well documented)

Make sure you follow the installation steps, you need three things: The tools, Visual Studio and an interpreter. Installation (its dead easy)

Learn Python (very basic) at CodeAcademy and LearnPython

Learn Python the hard way

Why not do a 9 week online course (certificate provided) at Coursera?
An Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python – start october

And MIT course material is also free
A Gentle Introduction to Programming Using Python

I’ll keep this post for future reference, as Python is on my list of things I want to learn – and with VS lending a helping hand it won’t be too long until I give it a try 🙂

The Python tools are available for Visual Studio 2012 and 2010 as well according to the documentation as I mentioned earlier, but I haven’t tried it with older versions than 2012.
The tools give you (2.0):
Azure support
– and a whole lot more

There, nothing should be stopping you now 🙂 – aside from time 😉

  3 Responses to “Stupid Question 237: Python in Visual Studio, really?”

  1. FWIW, you don’t need VS to install the tools. Well, you do, but we have a package that includes both the free VS Shell and PTVS in a single installer:

  2. i know some day i’ll be inspiring someone the same way i’m inspired by you.
    after finding out about your website two weeks back and reading you 1st year in programming story, i became motivated and ever since then I’ve learnt a lot.

    I’m a first year student and as i was about to give up on programming you lifted my spirit up, thanks hey!!!

  3. It’s great, isn’t it? I had actually taken a break from the world of Python myself, but recently found myself wanting to pick up something aside from C#. I happened to come across the Visual Studio Team tweet about Python Tools, watched the video on it, and I was floored. Getting to use Visual Studio let’s me stay in my comfort zone 🙂

    Definitely my time to try and pick Python back up again. I even blogged about my little intro with getting Python tools and IronPython working together in Visual Studio at:

    Have you tried making anything with .NET and Python, Iris?

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