Oct 242013
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Stupid Question 256-257: What is differential debugging, and how do I compare files in PowerShell?

As I’m becoming a better programmer (my first year as a programmer) I’m also getting better at debugging, and it is one of my favorite things to do. Yes, I said it, I love debugging.  But then again I love pretty much everything about programming. Anyway. One technique I’ve recently learned to appreciate is differential […]

Oct 162013
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How do I query a SQL Server DB using PowerShell, and how do I filter, format and output to a file? (Stupid Question 251-255)

In the winter darkness the Swedes have become hard to identify (even with the pale blonde hair and strong accent), and we need a list so we can get the invites out for the next ‘Fika’ (Swedish tradition). It would be horrible if we got non-Swedes at the fika, after all nobody can appreciate this […]

Oct 142013
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What is JSFiddle? The ultimate guide for the ultimate lightweight tool (Q 249 & 250)

I’ve found myself using the online tool JSFiddle more and more. Not for just sharing a quick snippet at a forum such as StackOverflow, but for working on code for applications, code review, collaboration and more. Many developers, if not most developers that use JavaScript, know of JSFiddle, but I realized last week that few […]

Oct 082013
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Setting up a Continuous Integration and Deployment environment with Windows server 2012RC, TeamCity, GitHub, Azure websites, ASP MVC and MSTest for the absolute beginner

This weekend I set up an environment for Continuous Integration and Deployment with Windows server 2012RC, TeamCity, GitHub, Azure websites and ASP MVC and MSTest. This was my first time and I was struck by the lack of beginner tutorials. I was unable to find an end-to-end tutorial that an absolute beginner could follow. We […]

Oct 022013
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Visual Studio error: CleanWPPAllFilesInSingleFolder evaluates to "" instead of a boolean

Had this fine problem today, here is how I was able to solve it. Of course this seems to be more of a ‘fix’ than a permanent solution, but maybe I can help a few more devs 🙂 I’m currently using VS2013 Preview (updating to RTM next week), but this error exists in VS2012 as […]