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While cooking myself some comforting tofu stirfry (I’m not a vegetarian but I used to be and I love vegetarian food) I started watching the What’s New in Visual Studio 2013 live event online. Here are my notes with some screen shots for the lazy dev πŸ˜‰



Keyboard short cuts

Alt + arrow up or down moves a line of code up or down

Ctrl + K, Ctrl + D Format selection or line

Ctrl + E, Ctrl + D Format document

Alt + F12 Peek to definition (you can even edit the code in the window)

Ctrl + K , C Comment selection or line

Ctrl + K, U Uncomment

Ctrl + M , Ctrl + H Hide/Collapse section

Map mode – shows the code as tiny image maps instead of the scroll bar in the editor

Found under Tools – Options – Text Editor – All Languages – Scroll Bar



Color coding indicated unsaved changes in document – yellow for unsaved, green when saved


There is autobrace completion

Updates pending icon next to the Quick Launch


Quick Launch (added in VS12) allows you to search anything!


Performance and Diagnostics tools under Debug, all tools under same place. Only what can be used will be suggested.



And that is it. Hope you’ve learned something, and that I saved you some time πŸ™‚ I love MS Virtual Academy! If you find the time, watch and learn, there is plenty to choose from πŸ™‚

  8 Responses to “Virtual Academy write-up: Visual Studio Tips and Tricks, Debugging”

  1. FYI, you can get to the Scroll Bar Options by right-clicking on the scroll bar itself and clicking “Scroll Bar Options” in the context menu.

  2. The scroll bar map mode is so freakin’ cool, isn’t it?

  3. nice look, congratulations

  4. Informative post! :D.
    I also use Ctrl + M, L for full document expand and Ctrl + M, O for collapse to definitions.
    And Ctrl + E, F for format selection.

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