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 January 31, 2014  Posted by at 11:04 am C# & F#, PowerShell 3 Responses »
Tray notifications in C# and PowerShell

I’m working on a Pluralsight course on continuous integration and to demonstrate the process in the introduction module I made a make believe CI system in PowerShell, When a build step failed I wanted notifications, and tray notifications can be quite handy (emails as well of course).   This is how you create a tray […]

Jan 112014
 January 11, 2014  Posted by at 3:29 pm Dev Environment, Dev Ops 5 Responses »
Visual Studio Online setup speed test and guide: Continuous Integration and Deployment pipeline

Alright. How fast can I set up a Continuous Integration and Deployment pipeline with Visual Studio Online, Git, Visual Studio Express and Azure Websites the first time I set it up? Now that I got your attention with a super-sexy title like that, please – *please*- keep in mind that this is by no means […]

Jan 072014
 January 7, 2014  Posted by at 2:57 pm Not So Stupid Questions, Uncategorized 1 Response »
10 questions on MOOC and tech classes answered (Stupid question 264-274)

I’ve tweeted and mentioned a few times before that I watch/do MOOC classes next to work. Between work projects at Evry we are encouraged to sharpen our skills or expand our knowledge area with for example MOOC. Let’s take a deeper look at MOOC classes, and some questions concerning them. What are MOOC classes? MOOC […]