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Sometimes you have to make difficult decisions to get to where you want to get.

For me work isn’t just work. I don’t want to go to work, clock in and clock out, making those hours, those dollars, paying those bills, and then look forward to those holidays where I can finally – FINALLY!- live.

Work has to be a continuation of me and my life, not an interruption. So the search for the perfect match for me has led me to end another employment and moving to a company that is providing me my dream job. Although Evry has been a good place to work, excellent pay, benefits, colleagues and more- I have too much energy and probably too high ambitions for the pace and projects. When I don’t get to use all that energy it just builds up, I get frustrated, and loose some of my passion. I’m not ready to change that aspect of me. When I was approached with an opportunity to work alongside a dear friend I have tremendous respect for- on exactly the projects I want, with the pace and travels I love, I couldn’t say no.


So I’m packing my stuff, and I have no idea in which country or city I’ll be living in a few months. I’m more than ready to leave the comfort bubble and embark on a new journey, that’s what life is all about for me.

  9 Responses to “VLog Episode 005: Work and deciding to quit”

  1. You go Iris, I know you will do great and that it’s right!

    Just promise me not to burn out, okay?

    Hugs for luck!

  2. Best of luck Iris!


  3. There is a surprising lack of Canada in those lists.

  4. Exciting Iris! I am quite sure whenever you are going it will pay off!

  5. Good for you. But I assume you don’t have children yet, else that decision would be slightly less about you and much more about others who rely on you

    • I do not have children, but if I did I would still persue this job. I grew up with two parents that followed their dreams, and we moved and travelled a fair bit which both I and my sister loved. They were (and still are) great rolemodels and that is were I learned to not be scared and follow my dreams. The decisions my mother and father made in regards to moving (and changing careers a few times) were made with us in mind (the family as a whole), not out of selfish reasons as you are insinuating. Today both I and my sister have good careers and education, good friends and a loving familiy- and I wouldn’t want to change anything about how we grew up. Familiy was always, and I will do the same, included in decisions. I don’t even dare think how my life would look like today if my parents hadn’t left Romania and devestation Chaushesku caused. Neither can I imagine a life where I didn’t sit and help my mum study for her exams at university so she could get a better paid job and provide for us, or the fun drives to Romania, or my parents opening and running several very successful businesses. I remember moving with excitement each time, never any tears.

      Of course, choices like this are very personal and what works for me might not work for others. I doubt I will ever settle, looking at my sister (expecting her first child in a week) I know she and her husband will keep exploring the world (they’ve moved Australia-Norway-Autralia), and I will do the same.

  6. Good for you Iris

    I have found a place or 2 that I certainly did not like, and I pretty much had the same attitude as you. I moved on. It is harder when you find somewhere you like and it becomes familiar though. But in the end you just do what feels right.

    I have 2 kids (or soon will do) so I do have to factor them in, but that is generally not an issue

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