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During one of our calls Laurent Bugnion told me about this really cool app for Windows Phone that I just had to try called Office Remote.

The app lets you manage, for example, Power Point presentations. You can switch between slides, see notes on the phone, and use it as a replacement for a laser pointer.

3-17-2014 12-19-23 AM

Let’s give it a try. Don’t ask me why I searched for PowerPoint… Its late and I’m tired


First install the application on the phone. When you have done that you can email the link for the Office plugin. Install that, and restart PowerPoint if it was open in the first place.


Go to you Bluetooth settings on the PC and make sure it is connected, and do the same on the phone.


Pair the PC and the phone. Once that is done you can select the PC in the app to connect. Turn on Office Remote in PowerPoint (the plugin adds it to the menu):


Select the document you want to manage and you are good to go.




This is how the ‘laser point’ looks like on the computer screen/projector. I was unable to take a screenshot of the phone, but basically you get an image of the slide and use your finger or a touch pen to point.


I will definitely use this app for my future presentations!

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