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In case you are just looking for the discount code for the workshops- here it is for a limited time. If you can afford the full fare or can sponsor- please do. We depend on this to keep parts of the event free, and the rest affordable:)

The Saturday sessions, ‘the real code camp’ – are FREE. But please feel free to sponsor the event by donating a small amount to cover the costs the conference has, read about that here.

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I’m honored to be invited to Nebraska Code Camp- its actually my first time in Nebraska and first time at a code camp. NCC is special in the sense that they make a conscious effort get developers interested in attending community events early in their career- even before they have one. Large parts of the event is free for students with a good selection if workshop aimed at pre-career students as well as workshops that let developers, regardless of level, try out new languages, concepts or technologies. Don’t be fooled to think that the conference is a beginner level conference- all levels are covered by skilled speakers/teachers/developers.

At NCC I will teach two workshops, one for first time developers to get a sense of how it is to work as a developer on a team. The second workshop is an intensive workshop on developing for Windows Phone- in a future proof way. Although the workshop is for developers new to the platform it has a beginner to moderate and we will develop using MVVM pattern, resource sharing and API parity with Windows Store Apps, animations, reusable design resources and more. Drink a lot of coffee because you will need it! And bring a computer with windows 8.1 and a trial of Visual Studio Ultimate/Premium.

Besides the workshops I have the honor to do a keynote, and I am very excited about this. Getting the opportunity to share my passion and advice that maybe would work for other developers in dire need of change. Sometimes you find inspiration in the strangest places, and as I get to share stories about those that inspired and pushed me so I could get where I am at today, I hope to be the strange orange/red haired girl that becomes a part of somebody else story collection.

So on Wednesday next week I will do a 20h flight to get to Nebraska, stay for a few days then do the 20h back. I haven’t done such long flight (3 legs) since I lived in Australia, so I need to plan battery solutions for my devices so I can keep myself entertained. Any advice is welcome! I have a Surface Pro (1), A HP Folio 9470 or Lenovo W540 if it arrives in time. And 3 WP phones. How do I make the most of this? I want to code or/and watch Pluralsight or Channel 9 videos.

So, NCC, there will also be a panel, a party and shitloads of fantastic sessions by developers I have very much respect for. Personally I’m very excited to attend several of the sessions and to mingle among awesome minds and friends- and its definitely worth the trip. I’m super happy I get to go, and I hope to see you there!

Make sure you come, I’m confident it will be worth it 🙂

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  1. Iris, for the NCC there wasn’t an eval for the keynote so I wanted to pass along that I (along with others that I spoke with) really enjoyed your presentation and format. I thought it was especially beneficial for some of the younger audience to know that the biggest thing they can do to become a better code is to commit to it and put everything you have into it. It was great to hear your story, thanks for traveling all the way to Nebraska to share it!

    • Thank you so much for the kind words! I wish there was a eval for the keynote, I always want to know what can be improved. I truly hope my story can help or inspire others! Im very happy NCC let me come, I had such a good time and went back home full of energy!

  2. Thanks again for making the long trip to Nebraska Code Camp. I learned a lot in the MVVM workshop and your keynote was heartfelt, inspirational, and something I could relate to.

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