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I have many bags and I’m not talking about lady bags here. I’m of course talking about laptop bags. Im always on the go somewhere, be that work from the café cross the pond to the USA or visit friends. And for that I need a bag for every occasion. The new laptop I got for is a challenge. Its heavy, so I need a very light bag it has a massive battery so I need space for that as well, and it has a battery that pokes out at the bag- so it won’t fit into all bags.



Recently I found the perfect laptop bag for when I’m travelling short distances. Usually it’s a business lunch, work at a café or similar, so something light and stylish but with room for my charger.
The Targus CitySmart that fits for 15.6” slim laptops will actually fit perfectly if the battery points up when putting the laptop in the bag.



The material is waxed and durable, and to certain degree water resistant, and the bag has a padded shoulder strap as well as short handles (this is important for me for when I don’t want th e bag over my shoulders). There are two pockets on the outside, a document pocket that will fit a mouse mat (I have a steel series hard mouse mat) and a smaller but wider pocket with a zip on each side so the pocket is accessed horizontally not vertically, a very handy thing as I can simply slide my hand in and grab my phone, charger or what not. Inside the bag there are two pockets separated by thin material, and the pocket zips up completely (yay!).



It cost me aprox 60 USD in Sweden but you can get it at Best Buys for 35 USD. The material is light gray nylon with leather details, and it weighs 13.4 ounces only- which makes it the lightest bag I’ve had so far with a shoulder strap and several pockets.
Do you have any favorite bags? Let me know! I’ll blog about some of the other bags I have as well, later next week. If you are on the move a lot I recommend you invest in a decent bag, and don’t look too much at the price- focus on what you need and be willing to get different ones for different occasions.
I have:
• 3 bags- one slim and two multi compartment bags for travel (one that can be attached to a standard hand luggage, and one with a strap that goes across the chest)
• 2 backpacks (one small one large)
• 1 bag that attaches to the side of my bike
• 1 Slim case with no straps or extra pockets

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