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I’m back with the (not so) stupid questions, and this time with friends and strangers keen in sharing what they know! If you aren’t familiar with my Stupid Question on the day series it’s a blog post series I started after getting so frustrated with being told my question were stupid and not getting answers. I love to learn, and I’m a very curios person by nature and I decided on asking all the questions ‘forbidden to ask’.


After a short break the questions are back, this time in audio and video format. While all questions will from now on also exist in audio format many if not all will have video as well so make sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel. My aim is also to get help with answers from devs out there, everybody knows something and I have a question for any topic, any level, and any person. If you would like to have a fun chat and teach me something new related to tech drop me an email or contact me on Twitter or YouTube.

In this episode Eric Duncan, independent consultant in New York, answers my questions on event sourcing, aggregate roots and event buses. It’s a fun and engaging talk and he will be back with more answers on the topic of DDD, CQRS and in memory databases. Find him on Twitter as @eduncan911

Stay tuned!

I haven’t set up an audio RSS and podcast support for iTunes and all that, but will get it set up sometime next week. There will be 1-2 short questions every week at 3-5 min, and one longer segment at 15-20 min. No adds, no random rambling, and plenty of fun.

I’m having a hard time with WordPress and embedding audio, so for now I’ll provide two ways for you to listen to the adudio, the tiny button below:
[sc_embed_player fileurl=”″]

Or the take me to the source! That my dear is the link to the audio file 🙂

Expect many posts on Azure storage and CDN, and PowerShell (I’ve automated the whole process and will share the scripts as soon sa I clean them up a little bit)

Once I have the feed set up for iTunes and all other podcast services I’ll update this post and do an announcement (with a how-to of course). If you have questions, post them as comment or ping me vie email or Twitter, or of course YouTube. Make sure you subscribe if you prefer the videos over the audio, most of the casts will be video and audio.

  4 Responses to “(Video/audio) Stupid Questions 274-277: What is event sourcing, aggregate roots and event bus?”

  1. Hi Iris and Duncan,

    I am always glad to here things about DDD, so I really enjoyed your discussion.
    Here is a couple of links that I found useful if listeners want to hear more about Event Sourcing, CQRS and DDD.
    – Being The Worst podcast that goes step by step through event sourcing, CQRS, domain design:
    – Recent Greg Young’s talk from CraftConf:

    Keep the great podcasts!


    • I didn’t know about that podcast, but it has been added to the feed! Awesome name 😀 And I’m a big fan of Greg’s work, I haven’t seen that particular talk so I’ll make sure to take the time and do so. Thank you for the links!

  2. I really like the idea/format of these kinds of interviews. It’s great to get a high-level view of a really interesting concept. My only criticism would be that there is a bit of dissonance between the high-level questions and the abstraction of low-level answers. I absolutely would like to learn more about Event Sourcing and am a fan of DDD. Eric briefly mentions a few concepts are are key to “getting it.” Without a further explanation of some of these ideas (aggregate root, bounded contexts, etc) it can be difficult to understand DD/ES.. Here are some great links to help learn more about this stuff:

    An Introduction to DDD (MSDN)

    Domain-Driven Design: Tackling the Complexity

    Domain-Driven Design Quickly:

    CQRS Journey

    Iris, thanks for putting this series out there! I’m looking forward to future episodes!


    • Thank you and I agree! Eric will be back and we will cover the topics in detail as we mentioned at the end of the cast. Its a difficult concept to understand, and hopefully this provides an entry point. Those links are very handy, my reading list just got a bit bigger 😀 – yay!

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