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Find all the links for the tutorial parts here

Welcome to part two of the Edge.js series! It’s time to get started and get up and running!

Edge js for beginners

First thing you need to do is to download Node, which you can do here.

Edge js for beginners2
Install it by following the guide, no tweaking needed.

After you have done that, go ahead and create a folder and create a file in that folder where you test out some node and .net stuff.

Edge js for beginners4


You can either use some of the samples from the Edge.js github page, or follow along what I am doing. The repo for what I’m doing is here

Navigate to the folder in the command prompt with: cd <path to directory>

After you have done that open Node command prompt and install edge with: npm install edge

Edge js for beginners5

When that has finished you can run the js file with the command:

Node <file.js>

Edge js for beginners6

And that’s it! You have a first hello world.

To do second example with compression take a look at the video or the my repo on GitHub

Here is how it would look like in C# without error handling:

Edge js for beginners7

And how we can do it in node with edge.js

#r lets us load additional assemblies that are not made available by Edge, and we are creating a new task to avoid blocking the thread.

Edge js for beginners9







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  1. Great intro, thanks. One aspect of edge.js which seems really powerful is being able to import your own assemblies into Node and calling them from there. Interesting stuff 🙂


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