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I had a rather unpleasant experience with Azure yesterday where my site went down. I will share the full story with you later this week- but in short it was a combination of things I could have done and things ‘they’ could have done.

One thing I should have done and that I didn’t know that I even could do was setting up billing alert rules. This is a preview feature and this is how you can do it:


First you need to sign in with your account

Go to Preview features and sign up for the billing alert features

azure billing alert

After that go to subscriptions and select the subscription you want to add the alerts to

azure billing alert2


Select subscription

azure billing alert3

Select Alert (preview) and configure an alert

azure billing alert4



Configuring the rule

azure billing alert5

When the threshold is met you should get a notification like this:

azure billing alert6






  2 Responses to “Setting up billing alert for Azure (preview)”

  1. Hey Iris, A friend of mine and I are working on Kerrb.com that will shut VMs down when you don’t need them on to help you save money. It’s not quite ready yet, but you can sign up for the mailing list and we will ping you when its ready. Would love to have you try it out! http://www.kerrb.com -Chris

    • Sure, I’ll take a look. The billing alert is actually for me to avoid having the VM shut down, as new IP is allocated and files might be lost when you redeploy.

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