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A few weeks ago the OCR library for Windows Runtime was released, and I was beyond excited. While I tried it out and made a nifty little app (should be in the Store soon) I realized that this stuff is so awesome it has to be shared! Here is a very little and quick introduction to it to get you up and running. There is of course more to it, but this is certainly a start. I’ll add more tutorials later.


Also, as soon as I find the time (since I’m currently in Oslo attending a 3-day Angular class and I’m leaving for Japan for three weeks at the end of this week) I will write up a detailed step by step to following along with the video for those of you that prefer text and screenshots over video 🙂

Sorry for being so tired in the video and not always making sense, I’ve had a few late coding nights and that was one of them 😛

  3 Responses to “Video: Get Started With Optical Character Recognition with the OCR Library for Windows Runtime”

  1. I was unaware of the OCR library existence. I just decided (two days ago) to create an app I have been postponing because of the lack of a free OCR dll given that the app loses a lot of power without it.
    And now I see this? Awesome timing, great article.


  2. evil tester: almost the same – the 1 got recognized as 7 – but still great! 🙂

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