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It’s our second day in Japan after arriving late last night. Jonas is very jetlagged, the first time in his life and he is struggling. Daniel is a tiny bit tired but okay, and I am hyper and running in circles- fascinated by how everything in our house has buttons. Even the toilet. Watch the video!


Late breakfast- Ramen!

Late breakfast- Ramen!

The trip was long, I took a buss from Oslo(Norway) after attending Angular training at 7 AM and met the guys at the airport in Gothenburg (Sweden) at 2PM. Our first flight was to Stockholm, before taking China Air to Beijing- a 8h flight. From Beijing after 4 h in transit we flew to Narita airport in Tokyo Japan, took the train for 2h to one station, then the subway for 20 min to Noborito station before walking to the house we had rented 10 minutes form the station.


Daniel and I chilling at Beijing airport


Jonas and I

It’s warm, hot actually, and humid here. With 28C and pressing clouds around the corner I’m loving it, while the guys are caressing the remote controls to the aircon. Needless to say, they prefer colder temperatures!


One of the tiny streets next to the house

We woke up late today, at noon, and crawled out of bed to a nearby Ramen restaurant for the best ramen I have ever had and thankfully Daniel knows *some* Japanese, before heading home after doing some shopping for groceries. Staying in today and relaxing as the guys get used to the timezone. My body has given up on time zones, I was in China for almost 3 weeks in June and a week in Australia in July, so I’ve gotten used to switching to new time zones quite quickly.


The house we rented close to Noborito station


I’m sure the next few blog posts and videos will be a bit more exiting- just wanted to give a little update 🙂 I have some nice code related blog posts lined up as well, so the next 3 weeks won’t be just about the japan trip 😛

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