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EDIT: As I wrote in the previous blog post, the VS2015 emulator and Genymotion emulator will be covered in a separate post. Thank you however for the comments, keep them coming! hugs

Happy Valentines day dear readers! Mine started with a migraine marathon extended from last night so I’m quite looking forward to try to eat some homemade ramen my two good friends Jonas and Daniel are making for us for our nerd bimonthly nerd dinner. The three of us went to Japan for almost a month in October and we became obsessed with ramen.


The ramen the guys made 😀

In the last blog post I talked about Cordova and Visual Studio, and I ran into the ‘problem’ of the emulator not having a SD card. Talk about emulating things reality well haha 😀

Android SD card missing

If you’ve done Andoird development before you know its an easy fix, but I’m sharing this for those of you new to this. The emulator virtualizes the device you choose to run, and you can configure that to your liking. For this you need to run the ADV tool, which you will find under Program Files (x86)/Android/Android SDK

Android SD card missing 1

Either edit an existing image (created when you have spun up the emulator for a certain device), or create a new one. Make sure to add some SD card memory, as you can see I went all in and set it to 1GB, you probably don’t need that much 🙂

Android SD card missing 2

Android SD card missing 3
Once saved, restart the emulator if it was already running, and the problem should be fixed.

EDIT: @brakmic recommended this neat tool for adding a SD card that can be shared between emulated devices, make sure to check it out. I’m still learning new things, awesome! Keep up the comments!

Android SD card missing 4

Tomorrow I’ll talk about deploying to a physical device, Android device and Windows device. I’ll have to wait with walking you through iOS devices as I need to borrow a Mac at work to set up a remote agent.
Lots of love sent from Sweden, wish you and your close ones the very best on Valentines day.

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