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For those of you that missed out on last weeks TOD’s, here they are:

Measure Azure Region Speeds

One of the first things I learned the hard way about Azure and performance is how much the choice of regions matter. Besides data integrity, service availability and costs, regions makes a big difference in delivery speed.

One way to measure this is by using by Blair Chen, an open source project that can also be found on GitHub at




Watch livestreams of developers coding

Secretly I’ve always wanted to watch developers code without the person knowing I was there. I find it fascinating how we think, how we solve problems. Most videos you see online or live sessions at conferences are rehearsed, showing sample code or code snippets. This is why I was so excited to find out that there is a site where you can watch developers code as they live stream while working. Check this out at


Learn about bug bounties and crowdsourced security

Whenever I encounter a bug in a system other than my own I do my best to gather as much data as possible and then submit the bug with the data. I never go bug hunting however, but I have always wondered how does that work? Were do the hunters find the bounties? And how do companies ask for help?
Bugcrowd is a site that offers both, and its quite interesting so have a look.




Improve loading time for ‘Downloads’ folder

Downloads folder slow to load on Windows? Change ‘Optimize for’ and it should speed up! For some odd reason it is optimized for images, which means it will try to fetch metadata for images which will slow down the loading time when the content differs. Takes a second to do, makes more than a second of difference.



Save time with Visual Studios paste JSON/XML as classes feature

A little reminder of the paste JSON as classes feature in Visual Studio. There is also ‘paste XML as classes’. I can’t blame anybody for missing now of many features hidden in the massive menus in Visual Studio, but this one shouldn’t be missed if you work a lot with JSON or XML.



Add macros ability to Visual Studio

There used to be macro integration in Visual Studio a long time ago, and when that feature was removed a lot of developers were rather unhappy. Looks like Microsoft is making up for that with this impressive extension that I can’t wait to try out 😀


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  1. is really nice. You can often find people live streaming coding sessions on as well:

  2. show a chinese site, is the correct link

  3. you mentioned “Check this out at”.
    Its not its 🙂

    Thanks for the tips.

  4. Hey, It should be ‘’ and not ‘’

  5. Thanks for the list Iris, I look forward to try out the macro extension also.

  6. Livecoding is at (not .com)

  7. First of all, thank you for your article
    Just a mistake this is instead of in the text 😉

    Have a nice day

  8. Wow, adding that special paste to the brainfile… I’ve always googled for a converter!

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