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I have been writing on a book to get a first experience with self publishing and I need some your honest opinion. If you are a .Net developer and/or IT Professional (Windows) and you would like to get free copy in exchange for some feedback please contact me via email tmp AT irisclasson.com 🙂

The book is primarily concerned with roughly grouped advice/tips that rarely makes it in guides, tools- or language references. The tips are in recipe format accompanied with an example. The book is not a guide, language reference, tutorial or in-depth discussion on any of the topics. You can read it cover to cover, or just page through the sections that interest you.

I’m terrified and excited at the same time 😀

  10 Responses to “I would love some feedback on my book (draft)”

  1. Like I said on twitter, would be my pleasure to help you and I love reading new books.

  2. Please share me the draft.

  3. Iris, I’m not a .Net developer so I will just wish you a lot of (well-deserved) success with the book. I’m sure it will be very well received.

  4. I’ve followed you (here and on twitter) for a while. I’m impressed and just want to tell you to keep going!
    I’m a developer, mainly Java and if I can choose as long way from Windows as possible (: But I still read all you blog posts – good luck with your book!

  5. I would like to review it. I am a .Net developer with some PowerShell experience.

  6. Hi Iris, I would like to check out your book and provide you feedback. I am currently a .net developer of about five years. Thanks – Tom

  7. Sounds good, I’ll have a look for you.

  8. I enjoy your website and prolific output. I’d happily review your book , I’ll probably end up buying it anyway. I work heavily with a range of technologies , primarily release management (TFS , CI ) , BI , Sharepoint , asp .net , SQL , Powershell DSC & IaC and , IIS , vm , azure and lots of Linux stuff. Lots of documentation. I appreciate people who share the knowledge , I try to as much as possible , alas everyone always seems to know more than me anyway. Keep up the good work.

  9. This is my first comment, but I would be glad of read and send some feedback about your book. I’m mainly a .Net developer but I have a good background as system admin, etc…

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