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As you know, I’m a big fan of .NET Core. Turns out Mark Rendle also is! I had the pleasure of meeting this lovely programmer and his daughter at LeetSpeak last weekend when they did a session together. Rendle is one of my favorite people in the developer community, besides being very skilled, funny and welcoming, he is also always willing to help and answer questions. I took the opportunity to ask some questions about .NET Core and .NET Standard and I’m happy to share the video with you.

I’m almost 8 months pregnant in the video, and feeling rather unwell, but I hope the video came out alright nonetheless! Big thanks to his daughter for filming, and for an excellent session. She is 12 by the way, and a clever and witty girl with excellent programming skills!

Questions asked:
307: What is .NET Standard and how does it relate to .NET Core?
308: Is it difficult to port to .NET Core from .NET?
309: How do you unit test a .NET Standard library?
310: Which platforms should an open source .NET Standard test against?
311: Where does Span come from?

Also (for fun):
Why are Visual Studio updates so huge?
And more 🙂

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