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A little bit late with this video and blog post- sorry about that! We are in the middle the move to our new apartment (Loke gets his own room- which he won’t be using for a year haha). After I posted question 320, ‘How much time do you spend each week to stay current with .NET & Microsoft technologies?‘ I decided to ask on Twitter how much time other developers spent weekly. Over 1130 people responded to the poll, and we had many interesting discussions!

These are the results:

  • 7% Spent no time at all
  • 41% A few hours (1-3h/week)
  • 36% 4-10h/week
  • 16% More than 10 hours

Watch the video for more on the discussion- and let me know what you think. Should we spend our own time to stay current, or should the employer provide the time (and maybe even tools/resources) needed? Is it realistic to spend this much time, how will this scale as complexity of software is increasing? Do other professions have the same challenge (some people mentioned law and medicine)?

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