May 142019
 May 14, 2019  Posted by at 6:47 am Dev Environment, Windows

Today, as I was switching branches, I came across a problem with several of the project files. Git let me know that several files could not be unlinked, and even after making sure I had closed all processes (mainly VS) were closed. When I tried using the files, I realized they were locked by another process.

Unlink of file X failed

I hope you are familiar with Process Explorer- it’s a fantastic tool for sorting out process related problems. Run the executable, do a search for the file, and locate the process.

Unlink of file X failed 2Depending on the process, either kill it or restart it.

Unlink of file X failed 3

Explorer.exe you usually want to restart, but if you kill the process you can start it again by starting a new process.


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