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Got this on twitter the other day:

Since you like learning as much as I do and you’re asking a question every day, can we ask questions back? 🙂 Pop quiz!

And I think that is a great idea! So go ahead, ask me anything you like – and I’ll do my best to answer. Now, please be aware that if I don’t know the answer, and it is not something that I do or within my interests, then I’ll probably pass on the question and let somebody more qualified ask 🙂

Disclaimer [I don’t know everything, I am never 100% sure about something and I might change my mind at any time 😉 . I just like questions and answers, and enjoy good discussions and questions that make me think twice. Please DO question my answers and opinions! And please interact!]

Ask as a ‘comment’ on this page, I’ll figure it out later how to present the Q n A 🙂

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  1. Hi from France !

    If one day your boss would give you a big promotion. You know, like in army: “you were a captain, now you become a colonel.” (I dunno exactly if it’s the good path, but you see the idea ?)
    You would answer : “Wow, great !”
    But he/she would say : “Oh just forget to mention this little thing: you won’t never touch a line of code again (or maybe just a listing or the screen where the code is printing). You are supposed to be a “leader” and show the way to the future programmers.”
    So if I understand well, he/she doesn’t want to see me in front of Visual Studio but behind MS Project, or TFS, or Excel, or Word, ark !
    So my question is : what would you do ? Accept and resign to abandon your passion in order to guide your pairs in the best practices, hand over to the next generation and bring the best of your experience ? Well let’s be positive and say that.
    Or just keep what you love to do every day since more than 13 years now ? Which is not really well-considered in my country. It is said in the media and press over here (not literally but nearly): “if you’re still a programmer after 40 years old, your career is over. You lost something. You’re not a chief ? What have you done during these years ?”

    Not a technical question at all, I know. But I think that a lot of programmers ask it to themselves one day in their life. I hope you could share your opinion with me about it.

    Have a good day.

    • I don’t konw this is what?how? and why? But I am very interested in this passage that what u r saying?This is a forum for you. I don’t konw what i am saying,also don’t konw will someone reply me? But i want to say that i am thinking. I haven’t done anything during these years. I am 22 years old, just do my work very day. I like to draw,but I don’t know how, i want to someone can teach me , but none,because I do not have money to pay tuition. I fell said very day,it is a pity for me.

    • Keep your programming job and care less about what others think! It’s *your* life! Enjoy it!

  2. Hi IRIS. I have not gotten an RSS feed for a while. The error returned by my reader is “The data at the root level in invalid. Line 1, position 1.


  3. Hi Iris,
    You said you studied programming on your own. Did you follow certain curriculum to reach your goal? How did you keep your self disciplined and motivated? I am someone also interested in learning programming. Any suggestions and comments will be greatly appreciated.


  4. Hi Iris!
    I am building an WPF MVVM app and i noticed that when app is minimized Leap controller stop sending events to my app.
    when app is on focus evrything works fine , but when i minimize the app any guesture or hand moving doesnt cause my events to rise .
    how can i make my app react to leap even when it minimized ?
    Thanks !!

    • Hi! Sent you and email, but here is some code that can help =)

      using System;
      using System.Windows.Forms;
      namespace GetCursorPosition
      class Program
      static void Main(string[] args)
      while (true)
      Console.WriteLine(“X is at: {0} || Y is at: {1}”, Cursor.Position.X, Cursor.Position.Y);

  5. hi Iris,
    I have 2 questions on leap motion controller development in c#.
    1- I want to move cursor with thumb and index finger both at once. For click thumb join with index finger….now the question is how can I recognize thumb and index finger for this purpose…. is it possible for you to give me c# code for this?
    2- I want to make my own gestures for my application. so Kindly tell me which approach I use?

    please reply ASAP. Thanks in advance 🙂

  6. Hi Iris
    I was overwhelmed to see your achievements and knowing about your career path . Truly an inspiration for many and i am one of them.
    I am also a .Net developer working for past almost 5 years, for past 3 years in WPF.
    I am keen and continuous learner, also have good understanding of technology but still somewhere i find myself little inferior in C# as language. I know C# at good level but i want become an expert in this which i am not. Few areas i am really struggling in C# like figuring out where to use what in relation with some programming construct. Lambda expressions, Delegates and Async programming are my little blocker, i do it but i am still not so confident while doing and not so smart. I feel bad many a times and it is becoming my fear too, making me little inferior. I have go through videos on Plural-sight to improvise myself . My question to you how can i improve and become advance and strong in C# having a tremendous command on C# specially. Apart from this i feel i do not have understanding in creation of Custom WPF controls. What should be the approach and how i can become extra smart and expert on these few things i am lacking in me. Look for some advice , some suggestions from you from your experience and understanding of .Net technology.


  7. Hi Iris, i have started on seeing your tutorial video at pluralsight but got stucked 🙁
    On the first try of the application at Demo – Gestures, there were no errors but i couldn’t run the app because it threw an exception..

    public CustomHandler()
    Listener = new CustomListener();

    The type initializer for ‘Leap.LeapPINVOKE’ threw an exception.

    Any idea what went wrong? Thanks.

  8. Hi Iris, your tutorial at pluralsight was very detailed and good. Thanks.
    However, i would like to ask if you know how to solve this..
    Following your tutorial for scoreboard for bug squisher, with the gesture of tap but not tapping on the bug, the score is also calculated. After the swipe gesture for more bugs, when the bug is killed the score is calculated at a higher score instead of the the normal score. Any help with how to solve this?

    Much appreciated thanks!

  9. hey Iris, as i am a new bud in this world of codes , I want your help regarding Windows store app. I thought if my app. would be capable of taking users data and store it on the device. later it can display the same whenever the user wants .. i have seen some apps doing so.. and i just wanted to know if you could help me in this regard , by any means..!

    thanking you 🙂

  10. Hey Iris, I’m net to WP and I noticed it filters my language when doing speech-to-text. It doesn’t let you say bad words. Do you know if there’s a secret way to turn this off? I don’t think MS should police the way I talk to my friends.

  11. Hi Iris,

    I am a daily reader of your blog, thanks for an inspiration for me. I actually started my own web blog and i would like to know from you if you are using any CMS system? Or if you know any good .net CMS system easy to use?

    Thanks a lot.


    • Hi, and thank you for the kind words! If you mean what I use for the blog, I’m using WordPress- mostly because that was what easiest for me to use when I started blogging (which was before I learned programming). Not sure I would choose that today if I was to start a blog today,- I might have made my own. Not sure quite what to recommend for a blog, but check out by Scott Allen and by Scott Hanselman – they have both as far as i know set up the sites themselves. Load times are fast, and the sites are small and scale well to different devices. On , a podcast show me and Michele are starting up we use , another blog platform. Here is the code if you want to take a look, its JS: . There si also which is .Net. SO there is a lot to choose between. I would focus more on IF you want to create it yourself, then use the tools you know the best. If you want a finished solution, choose what works best with the host with the least overhead. WordPress is heavy and slow, but there are many plugins. BUT I don’t use them, so for me this is not the best solution and as soon as I have more time I’ll fix it. Ghost is, I’ve heard, very easy to use and speedy.

      hope this helps 🙂

  12. Hey Iris, I want to program in Leap motion but in java, i know how to add .dll and .jar but then i see the code and is terrible, i dont understand so much, can you recomend me something, thank you a lot.

  13. Hej Iris,

    Jag skulle gärna vilja skapa en kontakt med dig på något sätt då jag ser att din profil passar väldigt bra in i vårt företag. Jag ser gärna ett samarbete på något sätt och är öppen för diskussion. Vi är ett geek-företag och söker fler geeks som är passionerade för programmering precis som du. 😉
    Hoppas vi hörs!

    //Sandra Dahlgren
    Procera Networks AB

  14. Curious – what hardware are you currently using for all this stuff? How happy are you with it?

  15. Hi Iris

    As a technical consultant with lots to do I’d like to make more of my time. But I’m always tired! You, however, seem to have boundless energy. Perhaps your diet and exercise routine are much better than mine I would think? Have you any plans to publish anything out like maybe a diet and exercise routine for overloaded IT people? I’d love to have as much energy as you seem to have – blogging, working and speaking seems to be much less of a burden to you than it is to me.

    PS I love your use of colours!



  16. how do I subscribe your blog??

  17. Hi Iris,

    Are you interested in writing for ObjectiveView – If possibly, then drop me and email and we can discuss.


  18. Hej!
    Min flickvän är intresserad av att börja programmera (och eventuellt byta karriärbana). Var ska hon börja? Några nybörjartips för att få en känsla för programmering?

  19. Hi Iris.Hotel ask whether material relating clicks? Ie I created a form to allow her two Button and I could push Button and move on to another form??

    • Hi Iris. Wanted to ask whether material relating clicks? Ie I created a form to allow her two Button and I could push Button and move on to another form??

  20. I would like to be on your podcast

  21. hello iris, i saw your interview on youtube and i was so motivated, i am just starting up in coding, and i am currently studying Ruby language. in your own opinion do you think its a nice place to start. i and do you have any recommendable links for studying. kind regards.

    • Ruby is a great language that has inspired languages and frameworks so its a good start. Check out Pluralsight for technical training!

  22. Hi Iris,

    I would like to invite you to be a Speaker on conference which I’m organizing this year.
    How I can send you more details?

    Best Regards,

  23. Where do you currently work 🙂

  24. Thanks you so much for posting your story. I have been a dietitian for the last 10+ years, but have taken some time off for the past couple of years taking care of my two little girls. I have started my own business during this time (nutrition consulting), but half-heartedly because I just feel like I have lost passion with meeting with people day in and day out. It is rewarding work but also just exhausting for me because I’m pretty introverted. I am still passionate about nutrition/fitness/health, but I just don’t want to meet with people about it anymore!! Anyway I am considering a programming or software engineering path. I already have 2 masters level degrees (health related) and I really don’t want to go back to school!! Any thoughts about self-study?? I also don’t know anything about coding but am willing and motivated to learn!

  25. Hi Iris , I am starting to develop in leap motion with c# , could you help me with zoom ? , How can I do to recognize zoom gesture ?

  26. how old are you?

  27. I usually use if statements to check the size of the window and then resize tools on the page. But what advice or tips would you offer when coding an app and making it fully responsive or “adaptive” in c# in universals apps i just feel my approach my be a bit too heavy

  28. Hi Iris,

    I want to ask a question. I will prepare microsoft programming exams. I have seen your linkedin profile you have already passed this exams. Could you give me some suggesstion to prepare these exams especially programming c#. which sources did you use ?

  29. Hey i am developing windows 8.1 store app and I am having problem when i am trying to include some youtube videos using media element . Since the media element does not support flv format i is unable to play those videos .I want to know is there is alternate method for that apart from using webview.

  30. Hi Iris..
    I am a fashion designer. now aged 27 years.
    I want to take one of the biggest risk now and want to change my career to software development.
    What is your advise for me as you have done something like this and running strong.
    Please advise..


    • Hi Peter, and congrats on making such a big decision. Its hard to write in one comment what I would advise, but a few things I can share. I’ll email you so you have my email address in case you want to talk private/have more questions. I’m not sure if you know programming from before, so the reply is assuming you are new to it

      1. make sure you do have some sort of income while you are learning software development so you dont have the added stress of not making ends meet.
      2. think of something you would like to make, and then start learning programming with the missing of creating that application or service. The important part is to start by *doing* instead of just reading on theory.
      3. focus on one or two languages while learn the basics, for example JavaScript, C#, Java etc.
      4. find user groups (look at Meetup) and start attending them. Find people that do software development and make friends. The community is great and finding mentors is important.
      5. read the cake story 🙂

  31. Hi!

    Your blog is very nice and is absolutely thrilling to find someone who has changed career into IT-stuff and is so successful. I’m really sorry for my gender – unfortunately there are these ‘shit for brains’ men in our industry. Hopefully you can ignore them and not all of us are that bad. Given time I hope the ‘a**h***e-genes will slowly fade away from humanity.

    This post is not question but more cheer up! You are doing great! And if you have any good tips – I’m trying to teach my wife how to program and get her interested in programming.

  32. Hi Iris
    I am from India and studying computer science. I know basics of JSP and servlets along with HTML and JS. I want to know how can I improve my skills in these technologies to meet the current industry needs.

    Please advise.


  33. Hi Iris,

    I accidentally came across your blog and like a lot specially video tutorial. Thanks for doing all this community work!.

    I have also got my blog at let me know what do you think about it.


  34. hi iris I read your love about code I also fall in love with coding but I have no proper guidance.Really impress from you.

  35. In your tutorial Implementing Search in Windows Store Apps 8.1 – screenshot guide you said you would do a blog post on “Don’t forget to add filters and so on”, I haven’t seen it yet.

  36. Hi Iris,
    I’m glad to be able to ask you about a known issue of leap motion controller. For our project at the university of applied science we should use a leap motion controller (sdk 2.2.6) implement some Win8 App. I followed all steps in the pluralsight course, but I don’t can find out why the controller is not working in the Win8 App? There is no Exception, it just won’t connect. Do you know how I can fix this problem? Maybe you can show me a workaround. Thanks for helping me! Benjamin

  37. Hi Iris, i found your site couse im using ahk and now im practising in ui automation, i wanted to ask maybe you can write post about it. In webbrowsers im using js, working with WFA i can use ahk but with WPF ui automation.. There is some problems with comboboxes and other things.. Thank you very much and sorry for my bad english 😉

  38. Hi Iris Classon

    I am developing a windows 8.1 tablet app. I am tried out different possibility to solve my problem. I want to disable my page when I am showing a popup. Say like, when I click on a button, a popup is shown and the background page should be disabled. But when popup is shown the page I snot getting disabled. How do I do this. Appreciate if I get proper code. I have tried IsEnabled property of page, which disabled entire page including my popup(since I cannot keep popup outside my layout grid). I tried flyout which also dismiss when I click outside of flyout.

    An Windows Enthusiastic-Exploring Windows World

  39. Hi iris! You are amazing, keep it up, please!

  40. Hi Iris,

    It’s been a while since anyone is commented on here, so hopefully you still check it out occasionally 🙂

    I’ve been in touch with a fellow dev blogger and he pointed me your way to ask you a few questions, if you have the time. I recently started my own blog and tried to brand it in a way that would appeal to both men and women, since there are so many more men in the software industry. However, I’ve recently felt pulled to rebrand and aim it much more towards females (I would be willing to give more specifics in an email). However, the person I’m in contact with said that you used to be much more female-oriented and ended up transitioning to something that would appeal more to both.

    I was wondering if there was a specific reason for that, that I should look out for. Am I wasting my time trying to market specifically to females in tech? Or did your passions just draw you in a different direction? Based on all of the reading I’ve done on your blog, I’d say the latter, but I’d love you opinion. It is hard to find female dev bloggers!

    Hope to hear from you soon, but for now I will keep digging around in your amazing content!

    Thank you,

  41. Just wanted to greet … seen the ALS Ice bucket challenge video … and enjoyed the viking 🙂

  42. Once again congratulations on making the shortlist for the Teacher of the Year award on

    I would like to hear in your own words about the work that you have been doing to teach software engineering.

    I am interested in two areas:

    1. The work you have done up until the end of 2014.
    2. The work that you have and are doing in 2015.

    I very much look forward to hearing from you.

    Best Regards,
    Kevin O’Shaughnessy

  43. Hello Iris! Thank you for the Making your own (DIY) FitBit One charger tutorial! I was wondering if you could help me with a FitBit Charge charger? This model of the FitBit has 3 pins at the charge port, I cannot figure out which is positive, ground etc. After researching for hours, I am fairly certain the middle pin is positive, and I read on one website that both side pins are grounds. Any idea if that is right? Why have 2 grounds? And any suggestions on what to use to hold the wires to the pins without them moving? Tape seems to be a bit shifty. Thanks!!

  44. Hi Iris! 🙂
    I’m Czech student of Czech Technical University in Prague, studying informatics and in my free time developing Windows Phone apps. I’ve been following you on Twitter for a year almost and you seem to me like a crazy and super inspiring girl/woman to me:) (I’m quite similiar heh!:)) Anyway on 24.9 – 27.9 2015 I’ll be on conference WomenCourage in Uppsala (maybe you will be there too) thanks to scholarship from my school. I noticed that you’re from Sweden so I just had to try to contact you, because it could be just great to meet someone(for a lunch for example?:)) – in the same way thinking! Thanks for your time, if you are reading this!:) If you are interested, contact me on mail where we can settle on details. Have a nice day, Bara S. 🙂

  45. Hi Iris 🙂
    I’m beginning learn tech English, and read your blog 🙂
    I hope’ll deal
    Just so you cheerful
    Hello from Russia with love 🙂
    var myLVLeng = learnEnglish();

  46. Hi Iris – I was wondering whether you are interested in speaking at a conference in Germany in March 2016? Please drop me an email to discuss details.
    Best, Frank

  47. Hi

    i’m new with AHK, i’m trying to develop the script AutoHotKey Script 008.ahk below,
    to load a CSV-file “out0.csv”, containg several local path of AFP IMAGES .300 (used in digital print world) which are on my pc.
    Using AHK, I have been able to open an image and i am at the point when the window “save as ” is open ..
    (See img_1.jpg below) :

    After this, I’ve problem with AHK and I’m not able to end the script .
    I’m not able to sending the correct parameters by AHK to the Window in “SAVE AS” mode with current PSEG image just Opened and to save it in the correct way …. (= IM1 OCA).

    To obtain this someone(a friend of mine who don’t know AHK) told me this :
    you must use standard Windows API !!! :
    [[[With AU3_Spy we see that the window uses standard Windows API, and we can work :
    the file name must be in ” Edit1 ”
    and save as type is ” CombBox2 ” (but is set by default to AFP )
    Save Button ” Button2 ” ( or ALT + S )

    with save button enters the parameters AFP File dialog box .
    With AU3_Spy I also see here the names of the APIs: you can select …]]]
    [code=autohotkey file=Untitled.ahk][/code]

    [/color]I’m not able to do the instruction above..

    Is important for me to use AHK to resave the current IMAGE-file, in the correst way = IM1 OCA , using standard Windows API

    (see img_2.jpg below)

    Thank in advance!


    SCRIPT and FILES :


    #——–run_oie.cmd :————\\
    @echo off
    echo %1
    set v1=%1
    SET ISIS=C:\ISIS_717_v141218
    SET ISIS_COMMON=C:\ISIS_717_v141218\isiscomm
    SET Path=%ISIS_COMMON%\w3\lib;%Path%
    rem *** Start PDD ***
    cd %USERISIS%
    start %ISIS%\oiew3710\oiew3.exe %v1%

    #——–run_oie.cmd :————//

    #=== “out0.csv” : ============================\\

    #=== “out0.csv” : ============================//

    #=== “AutoHotKey Script 008.ahk : ============================\\

    #NoEnv ; Recommended for performance and compatibility with future AutoHotkey releases.
    ; #Warn ; Enable warnings to assist with detecting common errors.
    SendMode Input ; Recommended for new scripts due to its superior speed and reliability.
    SetWorkingDir %A_ScriptDir% ; Ensures a consistent starting directory.

    FileReadLine, line, c, %A_Index%

    if ErrorLevel

    MsgBox, 4, ,#%A_Index% : open the image “%line%”, Continue?

    IfMsgBox, No
    Return ; User pressed the “No” button.

    IfMsgBox, Yes
    Run C:\_isis_cmd\run_oie.cmd %line%
    sleep 5000

    MsgBox, 4, , Do you want to save? (Press YES or NO)
    IfMsgBox No
    IfMsgBox YES

    Send !fa ; Select the File->Save menu (Alt+F followed by a).
    WinWait OIEW3E4
    Sleep 1000
    ControlClick Button1

    MsgBox, End of file or we have a problem.


    #=== “AutoHotKey Script 008.ahk : ============================//

  48. Hi Iris.
    I am happy when i read your blog.
    My question is What is your resource to learn new technology? and what are your recommended us to be a good programmers?

  49. On May 23, 2014 you posted about your experiencing the ‘Set-AzureStorageBlobContent : The remote server returned an error: (403) Forbidden’ error and you determined this was the result of your having adjusting the clock on your laptop.

    Do you have suggestions for what else/where else to investigate if one is receiving this error and has not adjusted their desktop clock?

    Thanks in advance for your time and trouble and have a great week.


  50. Hello Iris!

    I loved your blog and I started to read your posts. Congratulations!
    I want to help the programming community and started writing some articles on my blog and on other sites. I would like you to guide me by saying some tips on how to write or what a blog should have in your opinion. Thank you very much.


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