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Sep 072019
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Unit testing Autofac registrations

We use Autofac as our IoC container at Konstrukt, so we can easily mock dependencies when unit testing, allow for more flexibility and general decoupling. All the normal stuff you would expect with IoC and dependency injection. Fore the most part, I’ve been very pleased with Autofac, and I’m a big fan of Dependency Injection and […]

Aug 082019
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(Not so) Stupid Question 327: What is MQTT?

Another question, and another beautiful hike in Norway! This time the question is about ptotocols, in particular MQTT. MQTT stands for Message Queuing Telemetry Transport and it has been around for a while, but with IoT growing in popularity both on consumer and developer side it has become more relevant and gained more traction. Watchthe […]

Jul 312019
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(Not so) Stupid Question 326: Should I avoid storing passwords and secrets in version control?

I’m back! Today is the last day of my summer vacation and tomorrow its back to work. I’m excited and eager to start work again, and that’s a good indication that I have an awesome workplace! I’ve spent the last few weeks in the Norwegian mountains and in south of Sweden, as well as training […]

Jun 192019
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(Not so) Stupid Question 325: Should I use test coverage & use thresholds to pass builds?

A few months back we had a conference with work, and we discussed the upcoming year and how we could improve the system from a customer perspective. A recurrent problem of ours, is that we lack good test coverage, and as a result – unfortunately- some bugs are discovered late in the deployment process. I […]

May 202019
ASP.NET Core and .NET Core and the Web Development Stack Timeline

Hello and happy Monday! I’ve had an intense weekend with a sick 5-month-old, but I finally got around to buying a stroller for running and if feels great to run at a decent pace again! Loke is yet to crawl, and has been kind enough to let me sneak him in to work so I […]

May 142019
 May 14, 2019  Posted by at 6:47 am Dev Environment, Windows Comments Off on Unlink of file X failed
Unlink of file X failed

Today, as I was switching branches, I came across a problem with several of the project files. Git let me know that several files could not be unlinked, and even after making sure I had closed all processes (mainly VS) were closed. When I tried using the files, I realized they were locked by another […]

Feb 032019
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(Not so) Stupid Question 321: Where does the Maintainability Index calculation come from?

I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed, but in Visual Studio you can you can analyze a project and get a Maintainability Index score. The score, presented as a value between 0 and 100 in Visual Studio, is supposedly a way to calculate how maintainable a piece of code is. I say supposedly, has this […]

Jan 262019
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(Not so) Stupid Question 320: How much time do you spend each week to stay current with .NET & Microsoft technologies?

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of delivering two lectures at a local school for 50 students (approx.). Loke (7 weeks) joined me for the two talks, and although my back was aching from carrying him for four hours straight, I was very thankful he slept through most of it. He usually isn’t a […]

Jan 132019
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(Not so) Stupid Question 318: Does ASP.NET Core support the full .NET Framework?

My first week back at work (25%), and also my first week alone with five-week-old Loke. It has been hectic, but it has also been fun and challenging. I’ve kept recording (Not so) Stupid Question videos. Here is one from today with the following question: Does ASP.NET Core support the full .NET Framework? This question […]

Dec 132018
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(Not so) Stupid Questions 315: Should I use configuration files instead of environment variables?

Fun fact- this video was recorded while I was in prodromal labor, and although you can’t tell- I was in a lot of pain. I recorded this video with Barry at the Öredev conference after my session on ASP.NET Core, and afterwards we drove home. The next day I had to make an emergency visit […]

Dec 092018
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(Not so) Stupid Questions 314: Should the header be Referrer or Referer?

Well, I’m at the hospital and waiting for the second dose of morphine. It’s a long story therefore question first, short personal update afterwards 🙂 When we do requests and responses using the HTTP protocol, we send headers as key-value pairs. While you can define any header, there are a few standard headers that you […]

Oct 302018
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(Not so) Stupid Questions 312-313: What is request throttling and why use it?

Last week I attended a user group where Maarten Balliauw did two talks, one on Application Insights and one on request throttling. I made sure to ask him some questions afterwards and record a ‘Stupid Question’ of the day video. Here are the questions asked: 312: What is request throttling? 313: Why/when would you want […]

Oct 182018
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(Not so) Stupid Questions 307-311:.NET Core and .NET Standard, unit testing and SpanT

As you know, I’m a big fan of .NET Core. Turns out Mark Rendle also is! I had the pleasure of meeting this lovely programmer and his daughter at LeetSpeak last weekend when they did a session together. Rendle is one of my favorite people in the developer community, besides being very skilled, funny and […]