Apr 182018
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Running multiple build agents in TeamCity

Some notes for my colleagues for when I’m not around to manage the pipeline. For various reasons, mostly lack of time, we have been using just one build agent on our build machine. What a build agent is? Well, on our build machine we run an integration service called TeamCity. This service listens for changes […]

Oct 172016
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(Not so) Stupid Question 294: Where in a release cycle does a perpetual beta belong?

All software has one or several release cycles. Even if it’s not planned, there is always an underlying concept of a release cycle. A discussion around the when’s and where’s. Another discussion around the who’s and when’s.  And so on. A pretty and linear release cycle might look like this (at least in the mind […]

Feb 102014
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Deploying from local git repository to Azure websites (w. video)

One of the options Azure Websites offer is deployment via source control. We will deploy from a local Git repository to the staging site. You can follow the exact steps and deploy to the production site to practice if you don’t want to pay for the staging option. In the Quick Create menu or Dashboard […]

Feb 042014
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How to swap between staging and production on Azure Websites (video + tutorial)

Time for another Azure Website post. This time I’ve gone the extra mile and even recorded a video, hope you like it 🙂 I’ll keep the writing to a minimum, watch the video if you need more ‘talk’, personally I like ‘scrollable’ posts when it’s just a simple thing being demonstrated. No need to add […]

Jan 112014
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Visual Studio Online setup speed test and guide: Continuous Integration and Deployment pipeline

Alright. How fast can I set up a Continuous Integration and Deployment pipeline with Visual Studio Online, Git, Visual Studio Express and Azure Websites the first time I set it up? Now that I got your attention with a super-sexy title like that, please – *please*- keep in mind that this is by no means […]

Dec 252013
 December 25, 2013  Posted by at 2:00 pm Dev Ops 2 Responses »
A little Continuous Integration Dictionary

I’m putting together a little dictionary for those that are new to CI, and here are some of the terms/concepts I can think of that are good to know to better understand when you read/watch something on the topic. Happy to get some feedback on the very simplified diagram as well as the ‘dictionary’ Automated […]

Dec 172013
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Refactoring and code reviewing my very first application- join an educational refactoring OSS project!

My First School Project on Github This application was a mini-CRM (Customer Relationship Management system) made in Windows Forms (we were not allowed to choose ourselves, and didn’t know anything else existed). On my team we were three developers, two of us had no programming experience from before, and one had done a year or […]

Oct 082013
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Setting up a Continuous Integration and Deployment environment with Windows server 2012RC, TeamCity, GitHub, Azure websites, ASP MVC and MSTest for the absolute beginner

This weekend I set up an environment for Continuous Integration and Deployment with Windows server 2012RC, TeamCity, GitHub, Azure websites and ASP MVC and MSTest. This was my first time and I was struck by the lack of beginner tutorials. I was unable to find an end-to-end tutorial that an absolute beginner could follow. We […]