Oct 232016
 October 23, 2016  Posted by at 10:36 am JS & TS, PowerShell 2 Responses »
Using PowerShell to execute JavaScript on a page and outputting the result

Earlier this week I was putting together a PowerShell background service to generate some reports. The reports where based on some queries run against our databases in the different environments, as well as schema comparisons that created upgrade scripts and sent warnings if there could be data loss based on the changes. I’ll get to […]

Nov 272015
 November 27, 2015  Posted by at 9:00 am Debugging, JS & TS 1 Response »
Conditional breakpoints in Chrome developer tools

Continuing on the previous post about conditional breakpoints I should mention that you will find similar capabilities in many debuggers, for different languages/platforms. One other example would be in Chrome when debugging Javascript. Here is a gif for you, breaking bad with conditional breakpoints (funny, yes). (Or maybe it should be breaking good?)  

Jan 082015
 January 8, 2015  Posted by at 8:07 am HTML & CSS, JS & TS 2 Responses »
Atom editor HTML preview

I’ve been using Atom for a few weeks now and I quite like it. It’s a little bit sluggish now and then, something I hope will get fixed, but I’ll try it out some more before I decide if it’s something for me. One thing that I quite like is a package that provides HTML […]

Jul 162014
 July 16, 2014  Posted by at 5:23 pm C# & F#, JS & TS Tagged with: , ,  4 Responses »
Edge.js tutorial part 4: Setting up Mac OSX environment

I’ve had some hectic weeks of travel and haven’t been able to record and edit until now, so expect several Edge.js videos and posts the next couple of weeks as I empty my backlog. First post out it’s setting up your environment on a Mac. Windows was covered in the first video, and Ubuntu week […]

Jun 122014
 June 12, 2014  Posted by at 12:57 pm JS & TS Tagged with:  No Responses »
(Video) Learn Edge.JS part 1 : What is it?

Edge.js connects .Net and node in-process – it allows interoperability so we can leverage the two platforms together. This means that if you need something from .net, be that existing libraries or components, you can reuse them in Node. An obvious thing you might want for some situation is to leverage the multithreaded model of […]

Jun 032014
 June 3, 2014  Posted by at 7:09 am Angular, C# & F#, HTML & CSS, JS & TS, Universal Apps, WinRT, WP No Responses »
Windows Phone 8.1 with WinJS, Angular.js using a WinRT Component in C# (cross language component)

I’m at NDC- Norwegian Developer Conference and this year I have only one session, and I decided to be here all week. Kjersti and Jacob, two of the organizers from Programmutvikling let’s speakers attend workshops for free so this year I was able to take advantage of that and have attended the two-day workshop on […]

May 142013
 May 14, 2013  Posted by at 1:29 pm JS & TS, Life of Iris, Telerik Tagged with: ,  No Responses »
Mum makes an app with Icenium and Kendo UI Mobile + GitHub Part 2/2

This is part two of my programming session with mum where she creates her first application. So far we have spent one hour and ten minutes and we have created a first project with JavaScript using Icenium. We have an idea for an app with ten herbs translated to three languages, and we have created […]

May 132013
 May 13, 2013  Posted by at 8:16 am JS & TS, Life of Iris, Telerik Tagged with: , ,  1 Response »
Mum makes an app with Icenium and Kendo UI Mobile + GitHub Part 1/2

You might be surprised that although I work for Telerik as an evangelist I haven’t tried all our products. We have a lot of products, and I don’t have a lot of time. But with BUILD coming up, I’ve decided to try out and learn the ins and outs of every single product we have. […]

May 032013
 May 3, 2013  Posted by at 12:38 pm JS & TS, Telerik, WinRT Tagged with:  No Responses »
WinRT JS app guide: Introduction

What we will cover In this post we will introduce our next guide on creating Windows Store Apps, this time with JavaScript and HTML. Windows Store App guide with JavaScript and HTML A couple of months ago we walked through the steps of creating a Windows Store application in C# and XAML using Telerik graph […]