Mar 062014
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VLog Episode 005: Work and deciding to quit

Sometimes you have to make difficult decisions to get to where you want to get. For me work isn’t just work. I don’t want to go to work, clock in and clock out, making those hours, those dollars, paying those bills, and then look forward to those holidays where I can finally – FINALLY!- live. […]

Feb 162014
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VLog Episode 003: My first book is out

A few weeks back my very first technical book was published and I am so excited! Matt Baxter-Reynolds had been working on this book and during Christmas I joined in, and finally Programming Windows Store Apps with C# after some hard work, many conversations and edits, the book was published. I am so excited! It was […]

Feb 082014
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Notes from the beginner DSLR course

Since some asked how the Nikon course was, here are my notes. Sorry about the poor state, I took the notes on my phone and made the drawings on the phone as well 😉 I know many of you developers are into photography and I take many photos to create my own stock for the […]

Dec 312013
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Happy New Year 2014!

Just came from the NYE celebration, a cozy and fun celebration with just me, mum and dad. It’s been a while since the three of us spent so much time together and I wish my sister was there as well, but she lives in Australia. Here is my NYE in pictures, hope you enjoyed your […]

Dec 242013
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Merry xmas from Michele B. and I - a new podcast about working in the tech industry

This blog post is a Merry Christmas wish from Michele Leroux Bustamante and I! We are two women who are absolutely passionate about technology – and we have a new mission. We’re kicking off 2014 with a new podcast to showcase different and interesting jobs related to the tech industry. Our plan? We want to […]

Dec 152013
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Vblog – Dropping out

Alright- time for a new video because it sure has been a long time since the last video. I’ve decided to have a few personal blog posts and videos – not many but just a few since I’ve had so many people request them. No need to worry, there will still be just as many […]

Oct 022013
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Visual Studio error: CleanWPPAllFilesInSingleFolder evaluates to "" instead of a boolean

Had this fine problem today, here is how I was able to solve it. Of course this seems to be more of a ‘fix’ than a permanent solution, but maybe I can help a few more devs 🙂 I’m currently using VS2013 Preview (updating to RTM next week), but this error exists in VS2012 as […]

Aug 062013
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A heartfelt goodbye to Telerik and Dotnet Mentor, and an excited hello to Evry and back to school

A last commit A last commit before its time to go Formatting thoughts, closing the show Backup of memories Copies of binaries Inbox just a few If only they knew Laptop on the table, sticker peeling time Time to hand back what was never mine With change so close just a few days away I’m […]

Aug 012013
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My first Pluralsight course is out!

I’m very happy and proud to share that my first Pluralsight course was published yesterday, and I am now truly a part of the Pluralsight team. I did the course together with veteran author Scott Allen, and it was a pleasure working together with him. We complimented (Comment: Thank you Sallie for that hahaha 😀 […]

Jun 182013
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UG Tour in UK this week and next

Here are the events details, I blogged about them a few weeks back, but some have been unable to find the details so sorry about the spam 🙂 Big thank you to Telerik for sending me <3 ————— previous sessions—————- Monday 17th of June Bristol VBug Windows Store apps language projection —————————————————— Please note […]

May 142013
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Mum makes an app with Icenium and Kendo UI Mobile + GitHub Part 2/2

This is part two of my programming session with mum where she creates her first application. So far we have spent one hour and ten minutes and we have created a first project with JavaScript using Icenium. We have an idea for an app with ten herbs translated to three languages, and we have created […]

May 132013
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Mum makes an app with Icenium and Kendo UI Mobile + GitHub Part 1/2

You might be surprised that although I work for Telerik as an evangelist I haven’t tried all our products. We have a lot of products, and I don’t have a lot of time. But with BUILD coming up, I’ve decided to try out and learn the ins and outs of every single product we have. […]

May 102013
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Get up and code podcast with Iris Classon and John Sonmez

What? Yes? Really? Yes! No? Alright maybe you weren’t that surprised or you aren’t that easily entertained…. John and I came in contact due to our relationship with Pluralsight and soon started talking a lot about fitness and nutrition after finding out that we had these two interests in common- as well as being programmers. […]

Apr 162013
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Free lecture and workshop on Windows Store App development at Chalmers University Thursday

I’m holding a lecture on Windows Store App development at Chalmers University tomorrow at 4PM (aprox 1.5 h), with a workshop afterwards (aprox 3 h). Both are free for all students- and honestly they wont kick you out if you aren’t a student 😉 There will be food and drinks there as well (also free), […]

Apr 012013
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Speaking at Mediateknikdagarna 2013 this week!

I’m speaking at Mediateknikdagarna 2013 this week, and I’m really excited about that! Unbenounced to the organizer I’m changing the session a little bit, and will be doing a very interesting session on the psychology behind stereotypes and women in IT. Since I started learning programming this has fascinated me, in particular how we find […]

Mar 122013
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I'm still alive - blog is back on track after a minor conference break

Thank you all for the messages and emails, and calls- no need to be concerned I’m doing well and I’m not stopping with the ‘Stupid Questions’ on the blog or tech entries- as a matter of fact I have a nice backlog of entries waiting to be published. It warms my heart to see/hear the messages, so […]

Dec 172012
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Looks like I'll be speaking at DataTjej ('ComputerGirl') Conference 2013

I think most developers, and everybody that knows me, know that I’m very, very, very, passionate about what i do – programming. And that I also really want more girls/women to realize that this is an amazing job- I am not exaggeration,- it really is. Unfortunately the number of female developers has been declining since […]