Mar 112014
 March 11, 2014  Posted by at 12:42 pm Life of Iris, Motion Tracking, Windows, WinRT, WP 16 Responses »
First day at work, hello dream job and hello IdentityMine

I can finally share with the world something I’ve been so nervous and excited about for a while. Nervous it might be all a dream, excited that it is for real. Yesterday was my first official day at IdentityMine  a company that specializes in digital user experience using some of my favorite platforms: Windows Store, […]

Apr 232013
 April 23, 2013  Posted by at 12:42 am Motion Tracking, Not So Stupid Questions 2 Responses »
Ask Iris- Question 180: Leap Motion demonstration with Google Earth and DotNetConf

Since I wrote that first blog post about the Leap Motion I’ve been asked for demo’s and my take on it, so here is a first video demonstration with Google Earth (first time I’m trying it). I’ll be doing a session at the virtual conference dotnetconf this Friday (2013 April 26th) demonstration the device, talk […]