May 142019
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Unlink of file X failed

Today, as I was switching branches, I came across a problem with several of the project files. Git let me know that several files could not be unlinked, and even after making sure I had closed all processes (mainly VS) were closed. When I tried using the files, I realized they were locked by another […]

Feb 122015
Cross platform development with Apache Cordova for VS2013 – a hello world using the camera

Recently I’ve been doing some research for a customer at work in regards to the best tools and platforms to use and target. One of the things I hadn’t tried yet was cross platform development using Apache Cordova for Visual Studio 2013 CTP3. I have used eclipse and Cordova, but the environment is not familiar […]

Apr 302014
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Windows Desktop Development Platform Advancements: Notes BUILD 2014

Got in an another hour of cardio today watching this session, here are the notes. Enjoy! Session: Windows Desktop Development Platform Advancements Before you read on, make sure you check out this repo by Paul betts (thank you for telling me about this Paul!). This simplifies handling per monitor DPI in WPF(one of the the main topics […]

Apr 072014
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Build XAML Converged Apps: Notes BUILD 2014

Notes from: Using Visual Studio to Build XAML Converged Apps by Navit Saxena Notes from: Using Visual Studio to Build XAML Converged Apps by Navit Saxena I’m skipping the no shit Sherlocks in the session (-remember to check that the UI looks good on both platforms etc.) You can still select WP8.1 only templates, or […]

Mar 222014
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Windows Store not working: error code 0x80072ee2

A short but helpful post. A recent update for Windows changed a few things, among them was setting the manual proxy to on. This has for me at least resulted in an error code 0x80072ee2 whenever I try to access the Store. Sometimes I can peek a little bit, but then it returns the error […]

Mar 112014
 March 11, 2014  Posted by at 12:42 pm Life of Iris, Motion Tracking, Windows, WinRT, WP 16 Responses »
First day at work, hello dream job and hello IdentityMine

I can finally share with the world something I’ve been so nervous and excited about for a while. Nervous it might be all a dream, excited that it is for real. Yesterday was my first official day at IdentityMine  a company that specializes in digital user experience using some of my favorite platforms: Windows Store, […]

Feb 262014
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RIP: Windows XP end of support

  Here comes the end to XP- or at least the end of support and updates which more or less means that companies have to upgrade. After 12 years, 12 years!!- of support it has come to an end. I’m excited, but the question is, will the companies upgrade to Windows 7 or 8? Wonder […]

Nov 142012
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Stupid Question 82: What does x86 stand for? And why do we use x86 to represent 32-bit?

[To celebrate my first year of programming I will ask a ‘stupid’ questions daily on my blog for a year, to make sure I learn at least 365 new things during my second year as a developer] I was honestly thought everybody knew the answer to this one except me, but secretly I really wanted […]