Desktop applications



December 2011- Image editing desktop application – project time 2 weeks

What the ‘client’ wanted:

The user should be able log on to one or more Flickr accounts and access the images
Search function to find other people’s pictures

Drag-and-drop feature to drag the images from Flickr, your computer or from web browser
Image editing including: Crop, resize, flip (Y, X 90)

Red eye removal, effects (grayscale, sepia, saturate, contrast, negative image) and the ability to undo (undo)

Edited images can be saved on your computer or uploaded to Flickr

We decided to go with a modern Metro Windows 8 design using Microsoft design recommendations

The application was a WPF application programmed in C #, using  MVVM design pattern

Related Course: Windows Application Development (Dec. 2011) – I took my certification during the course

Group members: Semyon Weibull, Alex Darland, Martin Löfstedt



October 2011- Social Mashup tool – project time 5 days

What the ‘client’ wanted:

Log on to any e-mail, Facebook, RSS, and / or twitter. Support for more accounts of every kind.

Download updates to the same feed from all accounts

The ability to upload status  updates and write emails.

WPF application in C #, MVVM design pattern

Course: Windows Application Development (Dec. 2011) (Took my certification during the course)

We chose to go with a contemporary and youthful design making good use of WPF resource dictionaries and animations.

Team members: Daniel Widegren, Jonas Almqvist (GSU10)


September 2011-  Private project – just for fun Time spent a couple of days

Since I am a dietitian I wanted to develop my WPF skills by developing a learning tool

The learning tool lets the user select from different common dinning options and shows the calorie cost of the meal

Eating less or making different choices shows the user which slimmer options exisits – focusing mainly on portion control and increased physical activity to maintain a healthy weight

WPF application , C#



August 2011 – Smaller CRM application in windows forms (group project, time 2 weeks)

First school project

The client wanted to be able to:

Save contacts and companies, book meetings/ edit meetings and so on

No database

We focused on sole proprietors and smaller companies, and decided on a very userfriendly and basic software

Team members : Costa Peyos, Semyon Weibull