Apr 112010
My black and white birthday party

Another year and another party, last Friday night was one awesome night! We started off the night by having a black and white party at my place. The guys looked amazing in their costumes, and the girls looked stunning in their white dresses. We drank champagne, ate homemade sushi, and played party games, and talked […]

Apr 092010
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Go Iris, it’s your birthday!

This Tuesday was my birthday, and I am now 26. Feels good, real good. I don’t mind getting older, as I love good stories, and time allows me to collect more of them. Last Tuesday my husband organized a dinner for my birthday, and I was very surprised and very happy that so many could […]

Mar 272010
Friday night out, warm outside - Lady in red

So the party we went to, (for pre-drinks, more of a casual thing) was entertaining. Daniel’s classmates are awesome and we had a blast. We just drank some good wine and beer and talked shit for several hours. A perfect way to spend a Friday night if you ask me! I hadn’t planned on going […]

Mar 242010
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Crazy weekend at the Crazy Piano nightclub

Last weekend was, in one word, awesome. I went to visit my parents in Norway, and to work two shifts at the Crazy Piano Nightclub. We had Paradise Hotel come and visit us on the Friday, three of the guests at least. Stian, Daniel and Karoline. I worked the camera in the beginning of the […]

Dec 182009
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Going out woho!

Short blog entry today, I am busy – busy getting pretty 🙂 A friend of ours is having a party, we are baptizing his new apartment. I slept for 12 hours today, and afterwards I spent the rest of the day fixing up the apartment and boring household chores. I probably don’t need to tell […]