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The swine flu vaccine, sick for nearly a week

Last Thursday at 6 pm I received my swine flu vaccine, and at 8 pm the doors where closed and the following day they out of vaccines. While watching TV I lost feeling in my right foot the same night. I was scared out of mind, but it turned out to be only transient, and my husband rubbed my foot until it was fine again half an hour later.
Side effects from the vaccine had turned out to be widespread, but limited to just a few days. On the Friday, 15 hours after the vaccine my body started aching, I was feeling very feverish and exceptionally tired.
A week later I can’t say I am feeling much better, as a matter of fact, I haven’t been to school for a week.
I took the fly vaccine as it was offered to all dietetics students, nurses, doctors and other medicine students. Next year I have my prac, and will be working at a hospital with patients that are sick. The elderly as well as children. It feels like it is my responsibility to make sure I can’t pass it on, in case I get the flu.
Today, Tuesday afternoon, I regret taking the vaccine.
I reason like this:
If I still get sick for a week with the same symptoms as the flu- what was the point of the vaccine?
When I asked the nurse about the side effects when I received the shot, she said that people who got them probably already had the flu. I find it hard to believe that so many from my class got the flu at the same time (Clients of mine who took the vaccine also reported side effects), and just when they received their vaccine. It is very convenient to claim that, but I am certain that I am sick today and have been so, as a result of the vaccine.
What has been your experience with the vaccine?

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