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I didn’t get much sleep last night- as usual my husband and me stayed up talking until late am’s. Winter time I usually require 10-11 hours of sleep to function (yes- seriously), so 5 hours of sleep is hell for me. I still managed to get some studying done, publish the news of the day on the websitebefore and dragging myself to school for some group discussions on ‘enteral nutrition and non-surgical cancer’. pumpkin/lentil soup and walnut bread

I am not a big fan of grocery shopping.
I like the idea of it- but as soon as I enter a store I just want to get out of there. We have tried, but I can’t do any bulk-shopping as I don’t have the willing power to stay inside the store for more than 15 minutes. So today we bought bread from the bakery (that claimed they made their own bread, but when I asked they explained the bread was made in a factory and the ingredients list was longer than our Christmas gift list) and decided to cook whatever we had at home. We made a delicious pumpkin and lentil soup (as pumpkin is in season and it tasted so wonderful sweet) with walnut bread and avocado-chili spread.

Oh well, I am doing a step-counter week again to make sure I am active enough during the darker time of the year. Here goes:
Wednesday 02/12-09: 7000 steps and 40 min weights (upper body)

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