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I like my hair like this- definitely a good hair day for me :) To celebrate my exam, we met up with our two friends Rickard and Johanna. After watching the St. Lucia parade on the main street, we went for burgers at a cozy restaurant. The restaurant had been awarded good scores in the local newspaper, so the guys ordered the famous burger, and I mixed it up with a two dish combo from the appetizers. The food was awful. I was lucky, mine only lacked any spices or taste, or sauce. The guys had to struggle with a plastic-burger that tasted like month old burgers. We laughed it of, and filled up on calories from the beer instead. Later we did some more bar-hopping, and ended up in a fairly new nightclub, a very empty one I might add. Fine with us, as we more or less chatted away the whole night. The next day we where all insanely hung over, somewhat odd as none of us had that much to drink. We blamed it on the beer, or possible the food (I tasted the burger s well). For comfort, we ordered pizza from a very suspect pizza restaurant from across the street. A guy named Markus owns it, and he is always so rude and gets upset when buy pizza. The pizza is sloppy and wet, but when feeling like we did, it was the best food in the whole world. I could have eaten the cardboard and been just as happy!
at the club

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