Dec 202009
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iris classonThe party at Ricky’s place was awesome, I don’t know how he did it but everybody was there. But later, when we went out we all split up. Some wanted to go to Push, but I find the music their so insanely loud – by ears (I have tinnitus) are still ringing a week later- so I don’t go there anymore. They don’t offer earplugs at the bar either. Some went to Peacock, nice place, but small and they don’t vary the music a lot. We went to Nivå, which has gone downhill since the summer, it was half empty at 1 am, it is a large nightclub and hard to fill. It used to be one of my favourite places to go, but there is something really wrong with the DJ (he only plays 10 seconds of every song), and the crowd is to young for my liking. The staff is great though, and the place is nice – and large. Anyway, I was really keen on dancing so we went to my favourite place, Park Lane. And it was so good! The DJ’s did an outstanding job that night (as always), the dance floor and the stage were packed, and atmosphere was intoxicating. Here is a little video from Friday- and yes, that is me dancing.

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