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Yesterday me and Daniel, Rickard, Johanna and Mikael went to Liseberg. Liseberg is one of the largest amusement parks in Europe, and every Christmas they have something called ‘Christmas at Liseberg’. The whole place is decorated as if in a fairytale, the lights are many and sparkling- and the atmosphere is magical. It was -6 C yesterday, and we were so cold, that after rushing through the place for one hour, we went back home to warm our feet. One more came to join us, Ines, and we cooked dinner together and drank ‘julemust’ – a Swedish soda that we drink around Christmas time and ‘Glögg’ another Christmas beverage. Mikael and Ines left to see Eddie Izzard(I am so envious!) and the rest of us decided to let the food melt, and went down to the sauna, where we drank Christmas beer and talked nonsense for a couple of hours. It was late when we finally broke up the party, and today I think everybody is very tired. Hm, except me- I have no school for three weeks, so I slept for my required 11 hour beauty sleep and woke up to a snow-covered landscape! This snow better stay, because I have plans…! Here are some pictures from yesterday

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