Dec 262009
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Sorry for disappearing for a few days, usually I blog even when I am away from home, but Christmas is special- so I took some time of. So, what happened since last time?
We had some guys over from Daniels school on the 22nd, and we had a gaming night as I mentioned earlier. Daniels sister came over jus before they left, and we sang sing-star until 2 am. On the 23rd Mikael came over, and we baked some pizza and talked nonsense as we always do and wrapped in gifts for Christmas.
Christmas day we spent first at Daniels parents place, where we opened gifts, before we went to his uncle. There we had a wonderful dinner, games and some more gifts! The next day another part of the family came, to make the puzzle complete, and we had another delicious dinner and unwrapped some more presents. Mikael drove us home, and I baked some delicious pizza buns while the guys played play station.
A perfect Christmas! And the best part is, it is not over yet!
On the 28th we are taking the train to Norway to celebrate with my parents. Right now they are in Dubai for a week, so they couldn’t come here for Christmas.

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