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I don’t shop a lot, not since we made a budget and we both realised how much crap a person buys. But today, I decided to buy something for myself. With my hair being short, there is a limit to how much you can do with it, so I decided to get some dressy hairpins. Well, that took me two days (and 11 000 steps, according to my step counter). I have no idea what is wrong with people, but after Christmas when the sales start, people go bananas. The shopping mall was so packed, it was bursting at the seams.
I don’t understand why people feel a need to buy so much stuff. Apparently being a shopaholic is fashionable, but I think it is mindless and honestly, quite dumb, to have a voluntarily addiction (for those who choose to have shopping as a hobby, and wrongly label it ‘shopaholic’) that ‘allows’ you to spend money on things you don’t really need. It seems like just a silly excuse for not being responsible with your money.

We are good at counting calories today, but I think that with credit cards and ATM cards, people forget to count money. Do you know how much you spend each month, and each year on ‘things’? It’s like gaining weight, it is the small amounts that add up, but you don’t see them because it’s only a little piece here (of chocolate) and a little piece here (a pretty dress that is on sale). A dress a month ( 500 SEK) can equal two weeks in Greece with a friend (6000 SEK). A piece of chocolate a day (200 kcal) equals nearly 10 kg weight gain in a year. Count calories, but don’t forget to count your spending, even when the festive season is in.

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