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Right now I am enjoying a double latte at the Mona Lisa restaurant in Oslo, relaxing while my five hours of transit time is passing. I have been visiting my parents in Norway, probably the last time before the summer unless I get a Friday off from school again. While having my very strong coffee (a good one too, they can’t make any fancy coffee in Stavanger where my parents live- it’s all just brewed coffee and milk for the price of a lunch) I realized that this is the first time in weeks I am relaxing and taking my time to truly enjoy my coffee. Thinking back, this winter (and autumn) has been very hectic, and by the looks of things I won’t be able to slow down my pace any time soon.  The results came in on the very important Clinical Nutrition II exam, our final one, and I passed. We don’t have grades here, it is thumbs up or thumbs down- and I got thumbs up. This marks the end of our educational process, and now we have to show what we have learned. Together with my thesis partner, the lovely Cecilia, we are now preparing for 6 weeks of thesis writing on ‘Weight cycling and hypertension’- a very intriguing topic that will surely challenge our way of thinking. And when April comes, and I get to the wonderful age of 26- it will be time for 6 weeks at the hospital working at the geriatric department travelling between three hospitals. And then it’s all over. 3rd of June I am finally graduating. Of course I am planning on studying further, but finally graduating from university after studying in two countries at four different universities for god knows how many years’ means a lot for me. From being devastated for failing biochemistry several years ago in Australia, ready to pack my bags, to graduating in Sweden and getting a Bachelor of Dietetics this year. It has been one intense and very interesting journey, and I am pleased to finally end this part of the journey, before starting on a new one. 2010 is going to be one awesome year!

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