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Halfway through the third week and we are already having problems. Our research question on weight cycling and blood pressure has turned out to be a little problematic, as there is a limited amount of human studies on the subject and few of the ones we found met our criteria’s. Yesterday we discovered that we only had two studies on the subject, by the same research team (which might give biased results). We discussed this with a professor, and decided to let go of one criterion and include non-obese subjects, meaning that our new research question would be: what is the effect of weight cycling on blood pressure. The next day, today, after I enjoyed a fabulous lunch (yes, I bring a plate with me as I refuse to eat out of a box five days a week) we had a talk with our examinator Frode. He seemed to prefer our first research question, as it is clinically more relevant. So now it is set. What is the effect of weight cycling on blood pressure in overweight and obese subjects. But to add to the fun, listen to this (or read this): when I came home today I decided to do a new search using the same search words as last time but read every single article that came up. Suddenly I had 14 articles on the topic, with six of them meeting our criteria (or so it seems). I have no idea how we could have missed this earlier, and Cecilia, if you are reading this, I am so sorry- but we have three more articles to analyze and grade by Monday. Good thing is that the we have written our first draft of the introduction (background and aim), we have our research question, and we have read pretty much all the articles that exist on the subject of weight cycling and blood pressure. Read earlier blog entries about my bachelor thesis here

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