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Our draft was put together yesterday after nearly 12 hours of non-stop work and after struggling with the darn reference program EndNote. My question is this, how are we supposed to know how to insert manual references in the program if we haven’t been taught the program, nobody can help us- or the manual doesn’t specify how this is done? *Frustrated*. The program is good, awesome if you know it by heart- but I would actually prefer the old fashioned way – entered manually and I do like APA and Harvard- but I get that Vancouver gives a cleaner look. Anyways, the reference list should be fine (if not I’ll pull my hair out- I swear). It is currently three pages long with 42 references. I honestly thought we would need more references, but here in Sweden it doesn’t seem like it is as strict as when I studied in Australia. So we have now a 24 pages of beauty, our child. Nurtured for several intense weeks- and now almost grown up, and in two weeks we have to let go. It is always hard when they grow up, but in this case I think we will be very glad. Countdown to examination day, April 13! Yes yes, catch you later , I’m going out to party with Daniels classmates, and then dance the night away. Saturday and Sunday are thesis-days, but let’s not talk about that anymore today – it is paaaaarty time!
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