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Yesterday Johanna came over and helped me with my tax declaration and balancing the books for my company. I have no idea how I would have managed without her, and I feel so relieved now that it is done! We went out togetehr with Daniel (my husband) and met up with her fiance Richard for a couple of beers. Afterwork is quite popular in Sweden, and I am somewhat new to this. I would mind making it a new tradition, as I think I prefer this over going nightclubbing. It is nice to be able to talk, and see people in daylight, and to go home at a decent hour. During the afterwork I started wondering how many calories a session like this would add up to, so I kept track of my intake, both food and drink. I had five beers ( drinking a total of 2 liters of beer, as I usually don’t drink the last few sips), shared a small nacho-dish with Daniel and had half a kebab when I got home. Here is the calorie count from the four hour session:

  • Beer: 750
  • Half plate w. nachos: 350
  • Half kebab with fries: 450
  • = Total: 1550 kcal

Since I had a 300 kcal breakfast (not so hungry) and a 450 kcal lunch, my total kcal intake yesterday was 2300 kcal only. My requirements vary between 2000 and 2400, depending on my level of activity (which was low yesterday)- so at best I might have gone 300 kcal over my ‘daily limit’.
If I had a larger lunch, ordered a hamburger with fries, and eaten a whole kebab I would have gone aprox 2000 kcal over my limit the least, and if this was a weekly habit of mine this would mean that I would gain over 1 kg a month, or 15 kg a year. WOW! Have you done the math on your afterwork?

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