May 272010
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Pew! Just came back from a hefty run in woods, a 55 minutes of hilly terrain run with a 160-175 BPM pulse. I feel AWESOME, but my calves hurt as hell!
Yesterday I attended a product information conference with the local dietitians sponsored by one of the world’s leading supplier of parenteral nutrition. They sure picked the best spot, by the sea at an amazing restaurant. The food, the view and the location was marvelous!
After the product information I was positively surprised to see that one of my teachers, Lars Ellegård (PhD, professor, specialist, Department of Clinical Nutrition), held a presentation on the topic of lab values, malnutrition and refeeding syndrome. Olla Windsö , Head of Department of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care, held a presentation about sepsis and SIRS. Ingvar Boaeus, (Scientific President, Doctor of medicine and Assoc. Professor of Clinical Nutrition) also offered his expertise and enlightened all of us dietitians. What a day! Five of my classmates also attended, and I was thrilled to meet them. Tomorrow will be our VERY LAST DAY doing practical training at the hospital.WOW!

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  1. sounds interesting!

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