May 302010
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Did the six weeks of practical training go fast? I don’t think so, but I enjoyed them nonetheless. I found it hard to say goodbye last Friday, so I decided to come back on Monday. One of the dietians, Sandra, also had her final day on Friday and on Monday there will be a goodbye party for her and it will be a perfect time to say good bye to everybody there. I have been really stressed this weekend as I have an assignment due tomorrow and a presentation, plus another presentation (the thesis) on Tuesday. At the same time I have to pack for one week in Spain, three in Norway and two weeks in the USA, then back to Norway for two months. Furthermore, as a women, I also have some pampering that needs to be done. I colored my roots yesterday and bought new makeup, and you can see the result on the picture.
I want to look my very best on the ceremony next week as it will be the biggest day of my life, after my weddingday of course!

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