Jun 232010
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Climbing accident rescue mission

Sunday morning I woke up by very disturbing phone call from my mum. She had gone hiking and decided to do some freestyle climbing without her climbing gear. Quite high up the mountain wall she must have torn some muscle fibres and gotten a severe muscle inflammation and lost her grip. As she slid down […]

Jun 102010
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Holiday in Alicante II

Good bye Alicante! The journey can best be described in one word, sweaty! The other day I went for a run in Alicante. And running in 33 C without a single cloud on the sky or any water was a sweaty affair! Following the 40 min run I was still sweating like crazy for another […]

Jun 062010
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Holiday in Alicante

Hello Alicante! It is my third day in wonderful Alicante with mum and grandma. The Friday after the graduation we took a late noon flight for six days with sun and 30+ degrees. I can’t complain! Mum found a reasonable priced hotel room at a four star hotel just a short walk to the beach […]

Jun 042010
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I am now officially a dietitian

Yesterday was my big day, my graduation. The last month has gone by so fast, and my graduation as well. It was a full day, starting with a lovely breakfast with the girls (my classmates). I was so excited that I barely could eat anything, but after the ceremony we (mum, dad, grandma x2 , […]