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Good bye Alicante! The journey can best be described in one word, sweaty! The other day I went for a run in Alicante. And running in 33 C without a single cloud on the sky or any water was a sweaty affair! Following the 40 min run I was still sweating like crazy for another hour. Apart from the heat Alicante is a perfect place to run. Yesterday I went to one hell of a gym. VirginActive has a truly awesome spa-gym that has EVERYTHING you need. It has a spa, pool, Turkish bath, pilates (real pilates), martial arts area, weights, machines, classes, vibrating machines (!) and everything else a gym needs. What it does lack are girls/ women. I believe that I was the only woman in the weightlifting area. I was again wearing my fav pink hot pants and a short black top (as the gym was humid and hot) and did my very best to show off my Scandinavian built muscles. I do believe that I have presented Norway/Sweden very well in the female weightlifting category! The gym gets five stars from me, and I am sad to leave 🙁 . I managed to keep up my training, having only one day of, and walked over 17000 steps a day. The food on the other hand, was 60% good – the part we ate at the hotel (bought at a nearby grocery store). The food served at restaurants (and we did look up over 30 restaurants) is awful. Just fast food and even the ‘tapas’ are deep fried. I am now looking forward to cook again, and oh boy am I going to eat a lot of veggies when I get home!

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  1. Nice abs! And nice pictures in general 🙂

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