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After a lovely holiday in Alicante it is back to the nightclub madness at the Crazy Piano for me. This time I will be around for most of the summer, which makes it more fun as I get to be with the girls more. This summer I expect a lot of dancing at the Crazy Piano, and I hope and believe that we will put on some very good shows for the audience. I joined up the regional gym, paying a whopping 60 Euros a month – but considering the fact that I will be using the gym every day it will be worth it. Beach 2010 is still on, even if the weather here is shit and there is no chance of showing of the results on the beach. Oh well, the clothing at the club is maybe just as skimpy so at least I can be certain that nothing jiggles, unless I want it to haha. This is me with Noemi last night, one of my favorite girls and one hell of a dancer, and she is also very very fit. Girl power!

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  1. Darling i always enjoy working with you and show some real entertainment.Its a fun job and we all love it,especially when the hard work shows off.
    As you mentioned above,if there is no weather for less clothing,at Crazy the sun always shines for us to undress and go wild.Let the fun begin!!!!!!!!

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