Jul 282010
Boat trip in Swedish waters

The summer is not exactly going to waste here, the last two days me and Daniel went with his parents and his sister on a boat trip, soaking up the sun, swimming in the dark blue waters and barbequing ribs (perfectly done by his dad 😉 ).This summer has been unbelievable and for the first […]

Jul 262010
Steve Angello @ Port du Soleil Gothenburg, Sweden

Gothenburg must be the best place in the world to live this summer! Earlier this week we saw Benny Benassi perform live, and last night it was Steve Angello. Again it was me, my husband Daniel, his boss John, a friend Fredrik and another friend of ours Jonas. After a few pre-drinks, consisting mainly of […]

Jul 232010
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Benny Benassi @ Trädgårn (Sweden, Gothenburg)

What a night! Last night me, Daniel and John S. went to Trädgårn where Benny Benassi performed. He is among the top ten best DJ’s in the world according to some magazines, and my favorite song ‘Satisfaction’ is probably the one he is most know for. In 2008 he actually won the Best Remixed Recording […]

Jul 202010
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Trollhattan strongest man (Trollhättans stärkasta man) 2010

Here we go, here are some pictures from Trollhattans strongest man 2010. With permission from Robin and Jonas I’ve borrowed some pictures for the website from their facebook (pictures and video). The competition was last saturday and Jonas placed 8th an Robin on 6th place. Congrats guys, you’ll make it in the top three next […]

Jul 162010
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Did you know that...

…apparently I have about 1850 pictures from the trip? So this will take some time…. Give me the weekend and I’ll get some pictures online. I have to resize them etc or the website is will be going to get really slow. Tomorrow a mate of mine is competing in a strong man competition,( good […]

Jul 152010
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I am back in Sweden, and since it is currently 6 30 am and I am wide awake I assume that I am suffering from desynchronosis (also known as jetlag). “A physiological condition which is a consequence of alterations to circadian rhythms; ….results from rapid long-distance transmeridian travel …” (Wiki). My husband for some weird […]

Jul 022010
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Currently in Los Angeles

Hey people! Sorry for the long wait! I am in Los Angeles with friends right now, and we have been so busy that I haven’t had any time to update my website or blog. I know, I have been a bad girl 🙁 .The fascination with the rather large (in size) population and the hunt […]