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Hey people! Sorry for the long wait! I am in Los Angeles with friends right now, and we have been so busy that I haven’t had any time to update my website or blog. I know, I have been a bad girl 🙁 .The fascination with the rather large (in size) population and the hunt for eatable food in this stunning city has distracted me. Looking at massive gates and tall bushes in search for celebrities, and driving for a freakin hour to take a picture of a tiny Hollywood sign in the horizon and arguing with a big Mexican dude and a small (but very angry) Koroean guy over a stolen burger and two cokes , yes time sure goes by fast with memorable moments like those.I can’t write much right now as we are driving to San Francisco tomorrow really early. BUT, I’ll fill you in on the details of my roadtrip in California when I get to San Francisco, obviously I have lots and lots to share with YOU.

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  1. Hi babe!!looks like you are having a wicked time in LA. A friend is going over there soon, and needs to know how much you guys rented the mustang for. Let me know sweety! Miss you!!!miss you!!love, Anca

    • The mustang we rented was with Hertz (rather safe than sorry!) and with a full coverage insurance + free milage and with two underage drivers (under 25 that is) it cost us 1310 US dollars or 10500 SEK for two weeks. Well worth the money! They have the lates models so we actually got the 2010 model, it had driven only 40 miles! It survived scorching temperatures in Death Valley and the narrow and steep roads in San Francisco Bay Area. Be aware thought, you wont be able to fit any big suitcases in it, we filled up the trunk with four medium sized bags and two small backpacks.

    • Miss you too! I can’t wait to see you again next year ! Love you a LOT

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