Jul 152010
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I am back in Sweden, and since it is currently 6 30 am and I am wide awake I assume that I am suffering from desynchronosis (also known as jetlag). “A physiological condition which is a consequence of alterations to circadian rhythms; ….results from rapid long-distance transmeridian travel …” (Wiki). My husband for some weird reason is asleep; battling the unusual 30 degrees (Celsius) and the lack of an air conditioner. I know I should have updated my blog earlier (much much earlier) than this, but in San Francisco my laptop wouldn’t get online, and in Las Vegas there was no time, and by the time I came to San Diego I decided to do it when I got home.
I’ll just have to wait until my dear husband wakes up so I can sort out the deal with the pictures, and then I’ll post the pictures you guys have been nagging me about. I’ll first leave you with this amusing mail I received from my mum a few days ago:
Hey! and hey!!
I am in Oslo – where are you?! Not much new on your blog, ha!; U globe trotter …. 🙂 Love you lots, regards, Mom

Love you too mum, love you too 🙂

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